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Hall Across the Country Week 18

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September 18, 2022 at 12:36pm

This is going to be a bit different of a recap. This week sucked overall. I spent more days not walking than I did walking which sucks. Got into Cheyenne on Monday and felt great. An RV park offered a place to camp and I grabbed dinner and started hydrating after covering 20 miles and getting to 6k feet of elevation. 

Tuesday I started out west planning to head for Laramie, but as I got across the city something just felt off. I was light headed and dehydrated so I made it about 7 miles, and after eating breakfast just coughed up 115 bucks for a hotel room. I’m guessing it was elevation sickness so I spent the day resting and hydrating and eating carbs. 

Wednesday morning I felt better but not “100%” so after hotel breakfast I coughed up more for a hotel room for another night. Figuring I’d be good to go. As soon as I laid down for the night my gastrointestinal tract went haywire. To the point that I had physical pain in the derrière region Thursday morning…so another night in the hotel it was.


Friday I felt as if I was fully recovered and headed west. This day was rough. In the 26 miles I covered I gained 2,000 feet of elevation, into a headwind (that gusted to over 45mph at times) and walked through a tstorms. Got into Buford, Wyoming after about 13.5 hours of walking what would’ve normally taken 9.5. Buford is the smallest city in the country with a population of 1, it’s also the highest city on I-80 so I should be okay after this. Had a decent nights sleep at their gas station/rest stop.


Saturday headed for Laramie. A friend of mine was trying to get accommodations so I could call the post office here and see if they’d drop off my last two pairs of shoes wherever I ended up staying. He ended up paying for a room at a Travelodge but I spent the whole morning calling the Laramie post office and no one ever answered. They closed at 1:15 and I got into town at roughly 5. So I get to book another night and take ANOTHER zero day while waiting to go get my shoes in the morning. Luckily after passing Sherman Mountains summit yesterday, I’ve also crossed the highest point on I-80 the rest of the way. So it’ll be gradual decline towards Salt Lake then back up to around 6500 at Tahoe/Donner Pass then down to the Pacific Ocean.


I at least got to watch the throttling last night, but this week was a week I’d like to forget about.  As such we will no longer speak of it.



Go Bucks! Beat the Badgers!




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