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Hall Across The Country Week 17

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September 11, 2022 at 10:54am

Well here we are again for another rousing edition of Fat Guy Keeps Walking. This week has a pretty massive curveball thrown my way, but, the powers above sent help. Covered a good amount of miles for taking two off days in the same week, which is not something I want to do. It did however allow me to see my second Buckeye game of the season, and ran into some really nice people.


Without further ado…..into the fray.

Day 113- Covered 22 miles from Ogallala to McGreer campground south of Big Springs, NE. It was another of my patented late day starts because hotels always break my discipline. It was a fairly easy walk, and a few miles in I ran into the campground owner Nita McGreer who gave me a better route to get to their place. I got there just as night was falling. Their campground is also a working farm so I spent time with Bob, the farm cat who “runs everything and lets them pay rent”.

Day 114- covered 24 miles from Big Springs to Chappell Lake in Chappell, NE. As soon as I had gone about 100 yards my front tire (the lone  tire that takes air) went flat. Pushed the stroller over an overpass to a flying J for breakfast and grabbed some Fix-A-Flat at a ridiculous price and got the tire back to functioning. It delayed my start an hour and a half but such is life. Met up with Josh Hanner, who’d found the Facebook page for the walk due to the algorithm and he met me on route 30 with some sandwiches and gatorades. He’s starting a walk across Nebraska in a couple weeks for veterans mental health. Super solid dude.


Day 115- Today was a 29 mile walk from Chappell Lake to Americas Best Value Inn in Sidney, NE. Ten miles into the day the tire went completely flat. No spare tire or tubes. I ended up pushing the 3-wheel stroller on two wheels for 18 miles. It wore me out.

Day 116-Ended up being an off day while I did laundry and looked for new tubes for the tire. I went to Ace Hardware and when I went in I was greeted by an awesome sight. They had two airless tubes left for tires the size of my front wheel. So now I have no worries of flats anymore.


Day 117- Today I covered 28 miles from Sidney to Dix, NE. The city clerks gave me permission to camp in the park. I also had dinner paid for by that clerk. I set up camp under a picnic shelter like I always do, in case it rains, and a few HS kids from a neighboring village came by. They dropped off some money and we talked about my story. Laid down to camp and a massive Tstorm rolled through. The weather apps did NOT show this. Luckily the shelter kept me dry and I wasn’t struck by lightning…so that’s a plus.

Day 118- 32 miles from Dix to Pine Bkuffs, WYOMING. Into another state. Started my 6th pair of shoes for the walk. This was a relatively easy walk, just a long one. Also the first time I put a hoodie on for the walk. High temps went from 100 the day before to barely hitting 55 today. AND I LOVED IT. Late in the day some light sprinkle/misty rain set in. A friend from HS donated a room Friday night; and High West Energy Co-op donated a room for Saturday night. 

Day 119- GO BUCKS! Also had a woman who found the Facebook page either drive from Cheyenne, or stop in on her way home to the hotel I was at and donated some money to the cause.


Hitting elevation now. I’m currently at roughly 5,000 feet and by the end of todays walk will be over a mile up. Hoping to hit an RV park along I-80 tonight then Cheyenne tomorrow. Towns are a little more spread out here so I’ll have to be a little more conscious about supplies.



much love ya dorks!




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