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Circle Drills for the Middle Aged. How Dumb of an Idea is This?

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January 15, 2022 at 12:14am

Anyone else that used to play really miss it sometimes? Im not sure if i miss that fear I always had before trying to tackle, but I miss the controlled and organized violence of practice. I miss preparing my body for trying to physically stop a human being. It wasnt the pain or the contact necesarily, i miss fighting for those inches with another human being. I miss "kill drill" as we used to call it. Kinda like the Circle Drill our buckeyes have popularized.

Does anyone else? Im not talking about a full contact rec league. I dont have any glories to chase or want any sort of audience. Just the drills, competing against another person with all my strength ten seconds at a time and then forgetting about it. Ive heard of all kinds of martial arts classes, etc, but has anyone heard of this kind of activity being done? Like guys outside or on wrestling mats with or without pads or whatever doing circle drill or somethimg similar? Yes I understand it is essentially wrestling but way less skilled and technical. If grown men dressing up in helmets and shoulder pads and pushing each other down is funny to you by all means laugh at me, idrc. Just wondering if its a thing

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