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CJU(Coach Johnson Universe), YouTube Series, Highly Recommended!!!

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September 15, 2021 at 2:58pm
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Thaddeus Lagrone was a 3 star football athlete who used to be on University of Houston's and Oklahoma University's football team. He now has a hilarious football series on YouTube under the username Thad Boii. If you are a fan of football (especially college and high school), follow recruiting, or just like to laugh, I highly recommend checking out his YouTube series. 

The series starts off with fictional Coach Johnson reviewing game tape (actual game tape from NFL, college FB, and high school FB) of fictional 5 star athlete, Latavius. At minimum , if you like football highlights, you will get a hilarious reaction to Coach Johnson's criticisms. 

The series soon evolve to be a full drama with a full cast of characters that deeply explore different aspects of recruiting, family life, player development, and individual maturity. 

  • Latavius, the 5 star who can ball out at receiver but is putrid at corner who later becomes the big brother of the team
  • Dontavius, the once in a lifetime Lebron/Terrelle Pryor/Cam Newton athlete who thinks he's above the rules
  • Octavion, the 5 star from a really, really, really rough neighborhood
  • Henry, the immature, 2 star QB's journey to become a 5 star Alabama commit
  • Donovon, the coming of age story of a shy cornerback
  • Many others

All of this is constantly wrap in a hilarious layer of comedy. In addition, whenever OSU is mentioned, it is portrayed as a clean program (see when OSU coach visits Latavius)  

The viewing order I would recommend:


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