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Good News (about You) Thread

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April 3, 2020 at 5:24pm

In these dark and uncertain times, it's good to still treasure what bits of good news we can find in our lives. This is a thread for sharing good news--small, big, or anything in between--and generally just spreading positive vibes. 

Let me start with a few freebies:

-Michigan still sucks

-That we're here means we're alive (don't anyone get Cartesian on me, now) 

-All terrible things eventually pass, and there will be college football again someday

Now for some good news of mine. 

Small good news: the bread I baked yesterday came out perfect, and it only took me four tries!

Big good news: I just found out I won my university's graduate writing competition(s) in fiction and poetry, each coming with $500 awards. That $1000 will be essential given I wasn't guaranteed work over the summer. 

Now what about y'all? Let's hear the good news! 

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