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Covid 19/Mental Health

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April 2, 2020 at 2:10am

One thing I never thought about with this virus is the mental health effects it could have or at least is having on me. My wife works at a hospital in downtown Columbus, and works directly with patients who are positive for covid 19. I am lucky I get to work from home so don't have to really go out anywhere, and can keep my three little girls at the house as well. The last 3 or so nights I have found myself laying here in bed unable to go to sleep until 5am or so because I am literally scared my wife will bring it home. I am 38 and know that even if I get it chances are slim that it would kill me or my children, but I lost my father when I was a kid so it is crossing my mind about my kids losing me or their mother. I took yesterday off work and plan on taking the next two days off as well as I can't sleep and only find myself not thinking about it when I am with my kids like today when we walked the creek behind the house or let them fish at our pond or played four square on the front porch with them all happening today. I really wish all healthcare workers could be tested even if they don't show symptoms. It is playing games with my mind and I hate it. Feel weak mentally right now and there is nothing I can do about it. Laying here thinking about having to go on a ventilator machine scares me. Please get it to where all healthcare workers can be tested to show if they are positive or have already had it. I have never felt this way before and its scary. Hope everybody stays safe.

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