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Comment 26 Jan 2019
I dont think you actually ran through what the matches may look like. PSU, and OSU will more than likely come down to bonus points. 125-OSU 133-OSU 141-OSU 149-OSU 157-PSU 165-PSU 174-PSU 184-OSU 197-Toss up, but edge is PSU HWY-PSU Obviously upsets can/will happen, but that looks competitive to me. What is your definition of competitive?
Comment 19 Jan 2019
lol, you actually think the basketball crowds are good crowds? You hear more noise from crowds at musicals. I go to a number of games and its embarrassing. The OSU wrestling meets they have there bring better crowds ×10.
Comment 14 Jan 2019
Myles is the better wrestler. Myles got stuck last year, but if that match goes 7 minutes he wins. Was just to aggressive going for the back points on that take down last year.
Comment 13 Jan 2019

That is two matches now just recently Desanto has given the throat slash. He is a ticking time bomb. I know he is autistic, but the Iowa coaches need to do something otherwise when he does blow up on the mat they will be held accountable as well. Tht clip does not show the throat slash as he is walking off.

Comment 13 Jan 2019
Flo wrestling is one place but usually need a membership. a good free place where you can view individual weight classes is individual rankings can be a little deceiving for many reasons, but if you google pound for pound high school wrestling rankings flo might have a list that pops up you can see for no charge. One thing I dont like about wrestling when it comes to that stuff wrestling is controlled by one maybe 2 sites that have coverage on high school wrestling.
Comment 13 Jan 2019
The way tOSU is recruiting you wrestle your best wrestlers. If 125 is not where it needs to be in a couple years they will recruit over him. There is a chance he could red shirt next year if Decatur can cut any weight to 125 then take over at 133 after pletcher leaves.
Comment 11 Jan 2019
He got his shirt pulled in tonight's match. He has been wrestling unattached in open tournaments so that doesnt count towards wrestling for OSU. the moment he walked out in the duel for OSU his shirt was pulled.
Comment 11 Jan 2019

Read on another board that someone made which is a good one is that Ethan Smith might be able to cut down to 165. They were not sure if he could, but that would help the team for sure. I know you are only able to cut so much weight per week so dont know if he has the time to do it or not, but that would help the team for sure.

Comment 08 Jan 2019
I actually know what she said, and wish she would stop banging a bunch of the players as she is passing on some doctors visits for the team.
Comment 03 Jan 2019
We can agree on go bucks and happy new year, but maybe not on the definition of "opinion" "a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge." What he said is the very definition of an opinion.
Comment 03 Jan 2019
Come on, him giving an opinion on on something he is not an expert in is no different than you giving an opinion on something you are not an expert in. I love going to comedy shows, and there are jokes you see people laugh at that would offend someone else, but that same person who is offended will laugh at a joke that would offend another group or person. You said it yourself he had no bad intention with that comment so save the sacnamounious drivel for another topic.
Comment 26 Dec 2018
I have thrown down over 180 scampi shrimp tails included. I love just about all shrimp!