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What Are You Doing To Entertain Yourself?

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March 21, 2020 at 10:31am

Schools are closed. Numerous employers are closed or have sent employees to work from home. Most gathering locations are shut down. No sports.

What are you doing for entertainment? Knocking out the honey-do list? Learning a new hobby or revisiting an old one? Tweeting and playing Fortnite?

I'm currently up to my elbows with work but that's going to slow down soon and I plan on getting after some wood projects that have been needing attention: I've got a couple maps from this guy that I need to make frames for along with mounting and matting. I also need to finish a vanity I started for my wife a couple years ago.

Let's hear what you're doing.

(Let's keep this light, please leave out the complaining or your takes about whether this is necessary. Jokes are always welcome.)

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