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This Week's Question: What is the Best Steak You've Ever Had and Where Did You Consume Said Steak?

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March 16, 2020 at 8:00am

We've talked about steak on here before (as everyone should), but I'm interested in hearing what your go-to places are and what's the best you've ever had. I've been to maybe three or four really good ones in Columbus and am always looking to try more. 

So far I've had Top Steak House, Lindey's, and Hyde Park. I think Top is my personal favorite. I get the medium-rare bacon-wrapped filet and their mac and cheese is also phenomenal. I actually have a reservation there this coming Saturday evening. Sadly, I will no longer be going due to the restaurant restrictions. Tried the Pine Club in Dayton a few years back and that too was superb.

What places do you frequent (whether Columbus or elsewhere)? What cut do you prefer? Any top-secret home grilling strategies?

Yes, please.


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