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Any Tax Experts? Dealing with a Social Security Withholding Issue at Work.

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March 11, 2020 at 9:53am

So, when I went to file my taxes mid February, I found out that my social security withholding on my W2 did not equal 6.2% that is required because they adjusted the earnings with the cost of the life insurance but didn't adjust the withholding so I'm sitting at 6.17% instead. I contacted my HR and I've been getting a "the payroll company's software had an issue, they should be reissuing soon" it's now a month later and much closer to taxes being due, and I'm getting very irritated. I was last told on Friday that my W2 should be reissued within a week. Sitting on Wednesday without hearing any updates has got me a little antsy again...

I have a few questions that my HR has been no assistance with: 

1) Would contacting the IRS be the best course of action to get a resolution?
2) If I filed with the W2 that is bad knowing it's bad is that an issue? I would assume there's a form to update it later?
3) For Social Security withholding would being at 6.17% instead of 6.2% cause me any issues if it doesn't get resolved? 

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