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WTH is Going on with Classic Rock FM Stations ? ... L O N G ...

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March 2, 2020 at 4:02pm

Hey Warriors, I have a beef, and I need to get this off my chest.  Six and a half decades on ol' Mother Earth, can recall FM radio becoming available in NW Ohio while a freshman at U Toledo at Christmas time, 1972.  WIOT was one of the first  stations to broadcast in the Toledo area, and when the stars were aligned properly, we could pull in W4, station WWWW from downtown Detroit....FM Radio HEAVEN !  Stations used to brag about their "52 minutes of rock and roll every hour", and for country boys like me, it sure beat the hell out of listening to "grain and futures" segments and Elvis and top 40 radio.

Anyways, here I am, another year and a half before I retire to my hobbies and my younger wife, stuck in this office for 8 hours a day.  Four others share this office, and this piece-of-crap boom box can either pull in the local classic rock, or a half dozen stations that play dentist office dribble.... I can't stand it .... anger boils up every day due to their play list.  Last summer, my irritation rose to an oily boil, and I submitted a length-y e-mail to the program director.  I asked him what has changed ?   What happened to the good old days of R&R FM ?  Who emasculated who here ?  I used to like Ted's live version of GW Buffalo...and Fred Bear....but do you have to play them every !@#$%&* day ?  Every  ! @ # $ % ^ & *  DAY ??  I explained to Bill (Prog. Director) that this one Tuesday afternoon (note; not to offend anyone, but I cannot stand AC/DC !), they played an AC/DC song at 3:07.....THEN turned around and played another one at 4:18 !!!!  Panama and Jump aren't VH's only two songs ! The Stones have more than 6 songs in their catalog of songs !  Ever heard of the Dave Matthews Band ?  Neil Young solo, with the Horse, etc, has 40 some albums, not just a 1989 single called Rockin' In The Free World !   You familiar with Cinnamon Girl ?  Great song, give it a listen... The Byrds ?  They were there in the beginning....never hear them.   U2's early albums had some excellent music...not on the playlist.  Bowie's Ziggy early 70's  era ? Kick Ass R&R... NOPE.  The James Gang ?  It's early Joe Walsh, for God's sake, they're from the Akron area !  Ever heard the Bomber ? No....obviously not.  Montrose and Sammy Hagar...Space Station #5...what, too obscure for your taste....surely, you've heard Good Rockin' Tonight ?.....well, maybe not...The Foo Fighters are one of the best kick-butt bands out there, not sure if you know this, but they recorded more music than just Everlong and There Goes My Hero,  just a heads-up for your information.  There's a Canadian band that were absolutely adored in Cleveland for decades, maybe you've heard of Rush ?  Red Barcetta...Grand Designs, The Manhattan Project...would surely be better than the runny mucus you play on a daily basis like Def Leppard/Mute Cougar, Skynrd every hour, Nirvana, Petty, Seger, Foreigner, Judas PriestThisSucks, Whitesnake I could go on for another chapter, you hopefully catch my drift.... The depth and breadth of rock and roll available is overwhelming.  Why....WHY you continue to play the same songs from the same bands over and over, day after day, monotonous month after monotonous month, is beyond me.  Thank God I have Sirius in my car....there, I feel better.  If you have invested the time to read this, Thanks.

IF anyone knows what happened to FM stations, I would love to hear from you.  Like so many things in this world, time brings change, and it hasn't aged well for the FM music that I grew up with and ultimately shaped my life.  Oh well....those were good times...

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