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Embarrassing Event At Work

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February 22, 2020 at 11:49pm

Off-season, off-topic fun.

We spend a lot of our lives at work, often with an assortment of personalities in some interesting situations. I've certainly had my share.

Here's a recent situation for me that I'm pretty sure Fatpants will appreciate:

I was working in a relatively quiet office around lunch time and had to pass some gas - bad. Since it was pretty quiet and nobody was around I decided to just let it rip. Immediately after successfully relieving pressure without much noise, around the corner comes my direct report. She comes bounding in full of excitement to tell me about something neat and gets real close only to get hit directly in the face with an offensive wall of sulfer and methane. The look on her face was utter shock and there wasn't a damn thing I could do. She just put her hand by her face, quickly fimished her thought, and left. So. Awkward.

I ended up leaving the office early a bit later "for a meeting in another building" and worked remote the next day.

Alright 11W'ers, I know you have some good stories of embarrassment or crazy situations in the workplace, in school, or in life in general. It's time to let 'em rip.

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