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Comment 12 hours ago
It's front and center in my mind on Dad's Day, but I'd rather my boys be salty as a kiddo that they can't play football than see the damages it can (will) cause. Plenty of other fine sports and activities that don't have the same risk. We can always watch our favorite (non)local team on Saturday mornings and go play some baseball/golf/basketball/etc, ride mountain bikes, hike, surf or camp in the afternoon. Besides, Mrs NC has the final say in the matter and I know her position... :)
Comment 16 hours ago
Interesting question - I wondered the same thing. A related question would be whether it's ok for a parent to accept it for the kid, who cannot make a fully informed choice themself until theyre older. Imagine the kids perspective when they get older and wish a different choice was made. Potential kid-parent lawsuits? Interesting questions on Dad's Day.
Comment 15 Jun 2018
They're often reserved through or other public park systems. The best way to find the ones near you are to google "fire lookout rental" and your state name. They're all over the west and northeast - wherever large forests are in the National Forest System. One resource I started with a while back: There is a group out there that are passionate about the history of the lookouts, most of which are long gone.
Comment 14 Jun 2018
Yeah, the bimetal "thermometers" are not only inaccurate as hell (off by 50 degrees or more) but they dont measure grate temp (what your food is seeing). Get your grill temp steady and play around with the dual thermocouples to see how much it varies. I wouldn't be worried about the grilling thermometer being off at 32 deg, it's much better to be dialed in at higher temps.
Comment 14 Jun 2018
You'd be surprised. The nice part is each one is different. Some lookouts are in the top of talk stilts and have lots if stairs up, some are a bit lower and have a nice and easy set of stairs up, and there are some that are just a cabin/hut at the top of a mountain or side of a ridge. Some have electricity, a few have running water or propane, but all by default have amazing views (that's their function). They're inexpensive to rent and provide a great shelter option over camping (if which is nice if you have smaller kids). The best part is you will be away from people; we didnt see a sole person for days (beats a packed state park campsite any day).
Comment 10 Jun 2018
NOLA is saying it's useless because of the horrible conditions of the streets in New Orleans. My buddy had a fantasy football team named "The Carrolton Potholes". There were holes soo deep in that street you could hide a VW in them.
Comment 08 Jun 2018
I've been to Snake and Jakes, but I barely remember it. Do remember it was a random dive in a neighborhood block and had the Christmas lights. Rolled in there like 3am, was tough as hell to find in the days before smart phones.
Comment 08 Jun 2018
Thank you 78, you put it much more eloquently than I would've. Wrong time/place for a dig like that.