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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Witnessing the Buckeyes win the National Championship in 2002 as a student.

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Comment 8 hours ago
"And now that Burreaux has his Tigers at No. 6, all Tulane can do is sit back and watch the greatness happening to the north of them." West of them. Or "up river" as they say there.
Comment 20 Sep 2018
During meetings I enjoy looking out the window of my director's office and watching all the wild scooter driving through the busy intersection. Most of it is by MS/HS teens, but I see some crazy stuff from the adults. Often these riders give zero F's.
Comment 19 Sep 2018

The other thing Mrs Navy brought up is how early pregnancy wreaked havoc on her. Throwing up every morning was not only disgusting but it affected how she looked. That and getting up every couple of hours to pee made for a lot of lost sleep and dark circles and bags under her eyes. 

Well, the pregnancy is also Zach's fault so there's that.

Comment 18 Sep 2018
4 years in Santa Cruz reading in the woods about boy wizards and a few more about how to properly report on college football related DV in Tallahassee. Hope he was scholarship.
Comment 16 Sep 2018
Is that you Nick Saban? I thinks it's more than a bit easier for a dude in a production trailer with multiple monitors to just press the "view the damn field button" than it is for the defense to switch players, make calls and get lined up before the ball is set.
Comment 16 Sep 2018
It's only hard if tou try and show 20 seconds worth of cute graphics when they're snapping the ball after 11-12 seconds.
Comment 16 Sep 2018
Didn't, but it does now (hello 2014). Did you not get the same commercials we did on ESPN's online stream? That goofy Big 12 conference commercial about "no meaningless games", and "we play everyone", and "it's not about who we don't play" was hilarious. To me, it was "hey, we lost a couple teams, so let's spin our reduced roster as a strength".
Comment 16 Sep 2018
Dunno, Weber looked hurt tonight, which aligns with him not warming up. Looked like his legs were tentative when he was walking back to the sideline. Early (1st quarter) Dobbins was trging to get cute and got stuck, but started to roll as the game went on. Too much dancing at first but he started rolling.