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2006 alumnus from Ohio State College of Engineering.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Witnessing the Buckeyes win the National Championship in 2002 as a student.

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Comment 7 hours ago
I agree. With family now and beautiful fall weather here it wouldnt make sense to add 2-3 more hours of talking about football on top of 4+ hours of actual games. Show me a few funny signs and I'm good.
Comment 14 hours ago
Ha, yep. I subtracted 3 from 7:30p instead of 8:30p. Fortunately I arrived to my game watch of 1 an hour early instead of an hour late, which allowed me to get get the grill fired up.
Comment 14 hours ago
Not sure if you spent much time in SEC country but there are far less "Bama Becky's" than Trailer Park Tammy's.
Comment 14 hours ago
He still works in Pittsburg, and has plenty enough to worry about so why wouldn't he continue his education there? Soo many of our fellow OSU grads go on to get additional degrees in their new home cities so why couldn't he?
Comment 15 hours ago
I'm confused, what does next week's opponent have to do with the ranking of the Buckeye's performance to date?
Comment 20 Oct 2019
What a scummy move by Pruitt after that fumble. Berating him and yanking his facemask. Chill out and show some leadership. Your players are watching and so are the recruits.
Comment 19 Oct 2019
Why is Big Nut the brief clip for OSU in the ESPN "Who's In" commercial? Damn
Comment 19 Oct 2019
Wolverine tears and the PSU band playing "Goodbye" excellent.
Comment 18 Oct 2019
Agreed. Semesters might be fine for a class like British Literature or Philosophy, but for technical courses quarters were great. Focus for real on 3-4 topics and then move on, instead of spreading it out longer for 5-6.
Comment 18 Oct 2019
Same thing with a lot of Cal grads here. They might have been good test takers and studiers, but damn have many been clueless in how to get things done in the workplace.
Comment 17 Oct 2019
I initially thought about the landscape staples, but those too would slide up and down with the wet soil. That was why I suggested above the horizontally placed strips of rebar placed just above and below the supply pipe. That would stabilize it vertically. Depending on depth, you could also use a thin paver on top of the supply line right before the vertical turn.
Comment 17 Oct 2019
It sounds like youre saying both are happening, the entire assembly is loose and the pop-up heads are rising up and supplying water. I dont know how a loose assembly would cause the head to pop-up, and I dont know how the heads would pop up without water pressure being supplied. You may have a leaking sprinkler valve that is causing supply pressure. That may also be causing over watering around the head assembly which could be why they're loose. I suggest checking the valves first, which may solve for both. To help anchor the sprinkler head bodies if they continue to be loose you could remove the soil around the head and either use some clay-heavy soil or some other type of anchor like a fee pieces of rebar to secure it right where the supply line angles up.