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Comment 25 Oct 2020
That missed FG was after kneeling 3 times in a row. WTF?
Comment 23 Oct 2020

Actually, it's the opposite - the salt will be absorbed by the meat and will remain there, holding the moisture already in the meat during cooking. 

Interestingly enough, when you use a wet brine, the juices from the meat will be replaced by the salt water:

The problem is, if you have ever brined meat, the osmotic pressure in a brine actually draws meat juices out. That's why a clear brine turns milky in a short time. These meat flavored juices are replaced by salt water. Worst trade since the Saints swapped eight draft picks for Ricky Williams in 1999.

Here are two interesting reads on on this topic.  Their salting/bringing/curing/injecting section has a ton of great information. - Salting and wet brining - Dry brining is easier and less wasteful than wet brining

Comment 23 Oct 2020

Solid choice in pork rub ingredients.  I might suggest adding some mustard powder and a bit of cumin to add a bit more to the profile:

Comment 23 Oct 2020

It's right there in the second paragraph:

The conference also announced updated tiebreaker procedures for the Big Ten Championship Game on Thursday, including a stipulation that a team must play at least six games to be eligible for the Big Ten Championship Game, unless the average number of regular-season games played by all conference teams falls below six. If the average falls below six, the minimum would then become two fewer games than the average (i.e. a minimum of four games if all Big Ten teams play an average of six games).

Comment 22 Oct 2020

Sounds great.   Never done a brine but it's definitely on the to do list.   

You can dry brine as well, just sprinkle some salt on any meat you're going to grill and put in in the fridge in a ziploc bag for a few hours or overnight (longer is better).  Dry brine also makes clean-up easier for poultry because then you don't have to worry about cleaning larger containers (potential salmonella spread).

Comment 22 Oct 2020

Cable is as good as it gets.  I don't know why people want to cut the cord just to waste money on something else that's nowhere near as good.  Whatever there is in the world, it's not as good as cable.

As they say, great satire needs no italics or "/s"

Comment 22 Oct 2020

Also really funny:

Someone is emailing me right now from a CrossFit in Akron to tell me how wrong I am. This is why Ohio State is a perennial top-five team. The commitment never sleeps, even when all I want to do is close my eyes and not think about how much I didn’t respect Braxton Miller when he was a college player. 

But the Ohio State fan never sleeps. I can hear him typing this from outside my bedroom window, because he is definitely the type of rube who never turned off the keystroke noises on his iPhone. 

Comment 22 Oct 2020

I especially enjoyed this one:

Why are you in the Big Ten at all, when everyone knows a charter rule of Big Ten membership involves being a place where ordering seafood is a bad idea? Why, Maryland? Why you, ever, at all, in the Big Ten or anywhere? 

Comment 21 Oct 2020
Thanks for the share, I enjoyed her spin on that song. Pretty impressed as well. Funny seeing all the band members masked up (including the drummer) while she was trying to give Eminem on guitars Covid. How crazy is it now thats the first reaction these days - "hey, they're breathing all over that person!"
Comment 17 Oct 2020
I understand why, but I was soooo bummed when House of Cards ended. While it was running and we didnt know Kevin Spacey was a dirtbag that show was tops for me. Amazing acting, writing and producing.