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2006 alumnus from Ohio State College of Engineering.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Witnessing the Buckeyes win the National Championship in 2002 as a student.

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Comment 15 hours ago
It was Poppy. He was in your town for "Business".
Comment 16 hours ago

Visual approximation of the convertible:

Comment 16 hours ago
Sil, to quote the Cleveland metal band Mushroomhead: Never Let It Go. Seriously, make that sucker run
Comment 19 hours ago
Damnit, you're right. My dad would be disappointed. Well, since he was a Nazi we can change it from fox to rat. Patton would be a hell of a guest at one of these lunches.
Comment 20 hours ago
I at first was like "what the hell is this", but you learn to just let go and enjoy the ride. 68 just wild freestyles, like an eclectic jazz saxophone player. Any time his work shows up you just appreciate it for what it is.
Comment 20 hours ago
That's kind of funny, hearing about a prof and student using delay tactics to get you out of a 2nd underage. Oh college. Oh legal system.
Comment 17 Feb 2018
SD, I was wondering if he was pared from the ole friend tree. Funny how folks like that just drop off, especially as you get older and have less time for people (due to kids and work). Whenever we have get togethers in our neighborhood I always show up with my own beer and,offer to others. Nothing worse than people showimg up with their kids, eating your food, tearing up your house AND drinking your beer/booze.
Comment 17 Feb 2018
Right when I was coming around to Elon Musk, he comes out with that damn flamethrower. Not only is it horribly stupid for people to play with them, it's in horrible taste for both Northern and Southern Californians. (The two worst fires in state history just happening). At first we thought it was a joke but when it was confirmed to be a real thing it bothered a lot of us.
Comment 17 Feb 2018
My grandfather, who passed away when I was pretty young. We were pretty close while he was around (2nd grade for me) Warren Buffet - sounds like a genuinely nice guy, has a ton of wisdom and could pick up the tab. (Just realized that breaks rule #9, but he's still paying) Olivia Munn - she's extremely smart and beyond witty, and also very beautiful. That's just off the top of my head.
Comment 17 Feb 2018
If I had the space, time and money that's the car I'd love to restore too. The realistic side of me knows it would just sit in the garage. I'm thinking about getting an small camper and restoring it with my oldest boy. Something cheap but with a good frame and structure and gut it.
Comment 17 Feb 2018
That is a fantastic idea. I've seen a story or two on the local news like that where they helped out someone working on a car like that.