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Comment 19 hours ago
Good ole Bay Area fog/clouds getting us here in Oakland. Left sunny Solano County for work right as it was starting. It just peeked through the clouds a bit and everyone got excited for a minute. I saw a gal in professional attire walking to her office holding a cereal box viewer like I made in Cub Scouts. Funny stuff. Good thing we'll have around 100 million photos of the same thing posted to social media or id feel like I missed it.
Comment 21 Aug 2017
I appreciate the site and the community you've built. Love to see how it's developed since I started reading way back in 2006 (from the old days of the Big Ten Blog Network).
Comment 20 Aug 2017
80% here. I don't need to look directly at it but I plan to head across the street to a park and just be outside for the erie magic. Already had 9a-1p blocked out so it'll work well for the 9a-11:30a window.
Comment 20 Aug 2017
If she's cool she'll enjoy a few laughs too. Unless you guys went for a traditional delivery....
Comment 19 Aug 2017
Yeah Linga, it was a bit of a "ehhhh" moment but it mixed OK with the OJ. Actually, as I reflect back it was Budweiser. Always had a cold case or three in my full sized fridge in my bedroom. It was the step up from Natty cause I was "cool". Don't get me wrong, I had already started enjoying ales and other beer types by that time but lager by volume is how it's done on all campuses. When 98% of the crowd packed in there was pretty inebriated, the "rules" were altered quite a bit. The staff was just happy if you weren't swearing too loudly.
Comment 19 Aug 2017
You can. Some dude named Andrew keeps calling and emailing me to buy tickets for this season after just making one purchase last year. To the note above about parking, the stadium is just a couple blocks from the Berkeley BART station. Easy as hell. We also had no trouble in one of the many nearby parking garages for the epic OSU-Cal game in 2013. Parking was not an issue.
Comment 19 Aug 2017
Tickets, count of how many each has had, all irrelevant. What's relevant: is she hot?
Comment 19 Aug 2017
Ha, my wife works in labor and delivery and she uses the term "roast beef hangar" when seeing a patient who's had a few too many natural childbirths.
Comment 18 Aug 2017
Ha, +1 you tool. Careful now, they may think you know this from a direct perspective.
Comment 18 Aug 2017
I used to eat Dickies out here in Cali quite a bit as they have a "Kids eat free Sundays" and discounted gift cards at Costco. Was my go-to on weekends with my little guy when Mrs NC worked weekends. Then I ate some real smokehouse BBQ and got my own smoker. Haven't been back since.