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2006 alumnus from Ohio State College of Engineering.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Witnessing the Buckeyes win the National Championship in 2002 as a student.

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Comment 17 hours ago
Isn't that the whole point of the mythical naughty list? That reminds me, we gotta dust that one off for when the oldest does stupid shit. "No drone for you, buddy!"
Comment 22 Nov 2017
How about every time a a ball is thrown towards the end zone his voice goes up a few notes and triples in volume. Every. Single. Time. He was neato when he did the whole Car Dale Jones thing but his shtick started to get old hearing it the 4th or 5th time.
Comment 22 Nov 2017
Ph12, the Iowa game was a train wreck for sure. But we, and much of your fan base now I'm sure, would rather have an occasional bad outing than the wet fart of a campaign that Jimbo has led the past 3 years. I really hope he gets that lifetime contract. Pretty pretty please.
Comment 22 Nov 2017
The tray below was chicken broth with carrots, celery and onion with rosemary, thyme, sage, parsley and garlic. Used apple and cherry pellets. Smoked at 225F for an hour (for smoke) and then 325F for about 3 hours. I used the backbone (which I removed to butterfly), neck and wingtips for my gravy. Browned those parts and then added another mix of veggies/broth/herbs to simmer for a couple hours while the bird cooked. At the end I added the drip tray to the gravy pan mix and strained. Best gravy ever! I injected the bird with olive oil that was infused with the 4 herbs above and then strained before injecting. I used the strained herbs and some more olive oil to rub the bird down. Added a second coat halfway for more flavor and browning.
Comment 22 Nov 2017
Yep, spatchcocked/butterflied that 20 lb bird. Soo good. I literally just ate more leftover meat with the gravy.
Comment 22 Nov 2017

Last Saturday I smoked a big turkey:

Oops, wrong picture. Here's the bird from last Saturday:

Mixed up those pictures.  Look too similar and both birds were smoked by a Buckeye.

Comment 22 Nov 2017
Looks like I sat between Beat and Iowabuckeyes. Great day for a Buckeye. Quick trip down I-80 to see 50,000 fellow fans and an exciting game. With they'd schedule a home/home with Stanford. I could ride the train down with CalPoopy.