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2006 alumnus from Ohio State College of Engineering.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Witnessing the Buckeyes win the National Championship in 2002 as a student.

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Comment 15 Aug 2019
I recommend calling the security company and just explaining the situation to a supervisor. Their goal is to retain customers, but since you have no way to utilize the service AND you did what you could to transfer the contract to them, I find it likely they will help you out (if not let you off the hook completely). If they don't, I'd suggest using social media to tweet a public request for their help.
Comment 14 Aug 2019
It had to do with the fan only going on full throttle or completely off, and the controller program for the auger feed and fan. The GMG I own has a variable fan that seems to "pulse" lightly as needed to keep the combustion going consistently. Imagine trying to drive your car where you can only only slam the gas so the way down or take your foot completely off. No way you're going to be able to keep your speedometer consistently on 65mph.
Comment 14 Aug 2019
Agreed. My primary reason for not donating is because I paid (and am still paying for) my tuition so I don't feel a particular need to give a few bucks to a state funded enterprise that has billions of $ in its war chest and frequently receives donations from extremely wealthy individuals. Efforts like trademarking "The" just make that decision that much easier.
Comment 13 Aug 2019
One big annoyance I had with my Traeger was how big the temp swings were, +/- 20. My GMG will stay +/- 1 degree because it has a more variable fan than the Traeger did. You can hear constant micro adjustments and it recovers really well after I open the lid without overshooting (which the Traeger badly did).
Comment 13 Aug 2019
It was not uncommon for landlords of the big rental companies on campus to have a 2-4 week period where they would do inspections and repairs for the upcoming school year. It was annoying as hell but we had to figure it out. It was one reason to keep a house so you didn't have to deal not having a place to live for a few weeks. Pella had that for our apartment at 1927 Indianola back in the early 2000's and to our annoyance barely did any repairs before we moved in. If I recall we ended up having to pay the full 12 month payments but they might have prorated the last one (likely didn't). Just look at it this way: you have 12 equal payments for an 11.25 month lease. Oh, and good luck getting much of your security deposit back.
Comment 12 Aug 2019
I had a Traeger and KevinJ talked me into Green Mountain Grills. I heard that once the Traeger patents ran out the engineers there left and started GMG so they could implement the features and improvements they wanted to at Traeger but werent allowed to. The GMG Daniel Boone improved on a lot of annoyances my Traeger had. I would like the easy empty pellet hopper though.
Comment 12 Aug 2019
Fun to read this one a year later. Ended up gettimg a Pilot EX-L and we love it. In fact I spent about 5 hours yesterday washing and detailing it after a couple summer road trips. Worked like a champ.