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William White Forced to Resign After Violating Sexual Misconduct Policy

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December 16, 2019 at 10:25am

News has surfaced that Brendon White's father, William, was forced to resign from his fundraising role at the university after violating the sexual misconduct policy. William was accused of kissing a coworker without consent and then attempting to kiss her two more times that same day.

The incidents were reported on February 22nd and White was placed on administrative leave the same day. HR's investigation was finalized on April 30th and concluded the allegations were true. For some reason, White was kept on OSU's payroll through August 10th.

William had to be escorted off of the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer one day after being placed on leave. After being told by HR that he was not to attend the cruise, White flew down to Florida anyways and boarded the ship.

White's superiors were accused of interfering with the investigation, but were ultimately found to not be in violation of policy.

Before the HR investigative report was finalized, Ohio State’s compliance office received a separate, anonymous complaint April 9, alleging White’s supervisors — David Williams, the College of Engineering dean, and Jim Smith, president and CEO of the alumni association — were interfering with the HR matter and “attacking the investigation.”

Though some might have viewed Williams’ and Smith’s actions as “troubling and reflecting a manner of engagement that did not fully appreciate the university’s best interests in a high-profile investigation,” the report said, investigators concluded the men did not violate any university policies.

William of course denied the accusations and admitted to just being a creep who didn't break any rules.

White told investigators that he and his coworker’s faces were very close after she turned around in her chair, and their noses touched, the HR report said. He said he came back later and “attempted to touch noses with her again as a joke.”

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