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If You Had to Pick 3 College Football Mascots to Fight 10,000 Third Graders Which Would You Pick?

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October 7, 2019 at 7:33pm

Stealing this from the cover 3 podcast. Which 3 college football mascots would you pick to fight 10,000 third graders to the death? You cant pick a mascot that isn't a live thing(cyclone, hurricane) and the third graders are coming all at once and are unarmed and unarmored. The mascot you pick would be one of the mascot(NC ST wolfpack is just one wolf) No more than 1 mascot per conference. And lastly UAB Blazers are not allowed. 

My picks 1.Golden Knights(UCF)-Full plate armor with a sword and shield would be hard to be penetrated by the third graders 2.Buffalo(Colorado)-Very large animal with great speed and size, tough hide to be penetrated by unarmed third graders. 3.Girzzly bear/Bruin(UCLA)

These mascots would be difficult to be overcame by the third graders and could defeat large swathes of them with little energy expenditure. 


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