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Interesting Thought on the Impact of Free Higher Education on Sports

-1 HS
September 18, 2019 at 2:53pm

I was just thinking about this push for "free college" for all.  In no way am I trying to turn this into a politics thing so please refrain to take it that direction.  But what happens to athletes on scholarship if some form of free tuition were to become a reality?  At this point, they aren't receiving the financial gain of having a free college education in return for their services.  They would just be offered a chance to play football (basketball, baseball, etc.)?  I don't think so.  So where would it go from there?  Paying players becomes real (in a more aggressive California model)?  Or would it end amateur athletics all together?  High school to professional becomes the normal route for athletes, who in turn would be skipping college.  

Just wondering if anyone else has thought about this?  It serves as my random thought of the day.

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