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November 15, 2018 at 11:55am

So at the college I attend (it's a small college that few people will know of, so don't bother asking what it is) our flag football intramurals ended last night with the championship game known as the Turkey Bowl.

There were four teams, Wheaties, Cheerios, Corn Flakes, and Raisin Bran. We were separated by team color: grey, blue, black, and white respectively.

I was on the Wheaties, team grey. And we played each of the other three teams twice in a round robin format.

Season opener, my team beat the Raisin Bran, team white 14-6. We didn't have a set kicker, so we had to go for two every time. We failed once and succeeded the other time.

Next game we beat the Cheerios, team blue, 18-6 failing on all three two point attempts.

Next week we played the other 2-0 squad, the Corn Flakes, team black, but lost 6-7 because we failed the two point attempt, and they had a kicker who made the extra point.

The next two games we played the teams again, beating team white 18-0, and team blue 20-0 including a successful two point try in the game against the blue.

Then we were set to rematch the only team we lost to in the regular season finale. We were 4-1, and they were 5-0. First half ended in a 0-0 tie, but then coming out of halftime, we scored, and this time we had found a kicker, so we were up 7-0. We got the ball back and scored again to make it 14-0. The game ended there, and we avenged our only loss, taking the #1 seed in the playoffs.

The playoff standings were:
#1 Wheaties, 5-1
#2 Corn Flakes, 5-1
#3 Cheerios, 2-4
#4 Raisin Bran, 0-6

The first semifinal game between Corn Flakes and Cheerios went to 3OT where the Cheerios upset the Corn Flakes 38-30.

In the second semifinal game, the Wheaties played the Raisin Bran. We scored a touchdown with the two point, and forced a safety to go up 10-0 at halftime. After halftime, we came out sloppy, and they scored on a short field to make it 10-6. We then responded with a touchdown and two point to make it 18-6. Then they scored on a long pass to make it 18-12. We held on to win and set up the Turkey Bowl game against the Cheerios.

In the Turkey Bowl, we started off slow as the Cheerios forced a safety on the first play (because our QB thinks he can get out of trouble instead of throwing the ball away) and then scored on the ensuing drive but they failed on the two point, so we were only down 0-8. We then scored right before halftime to tie it up 8-8. After halftime, we came out and scored to make it 16-8. We scored again and very late in the game to effectively put it away. We ended up winning 22-8.

Overall, it was a fun season. No major injuries on any of the teams, and there was a lot of good sportsmanship.

The final standings were
Wheaties, 7-1
Cheerios, 3-5
Corn Flakes, 6-2
Raisin Bran, 0-7

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