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  • SPORTS MOMENT: JT Barrett 16/16 fourth quarter vs. Penn State in 2017
    Dwayne Haskins carving up TTUN's defense and winning 62-39 in 2018
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Any Ohio State player
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Any Ohio State player
  • NFL TEAM: Lions, Chargers, 49ers
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Warriors
  • MLB TEAM: Indians, Angels

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Comment 18 Oct 2020
Two of my favorites that ended were Star Wars The Clone Wars and Legends of Chima I get that The Clone Wars was in a limited timeline and had to end at some point, but it was such a great show that I was sad that it ended. I'm glad though that it got the Season 7 and the ending it truly deserved The way Legends of Chima ended was a massive cliffhanger. Panning out to show a massive world beyond what was shown in the series, and no talks of a sequel series or anything was just a bad ending
Comment 14 Oct 2020

I'm probably going to get DV'd into oblivion with this one, but I agree we should have equality, and we do. We have equality of opportunity, but everyone wants equality of outcome

A 16 year old kid who sits in the back and plays on his phone while on the clock should not have the same outcome as a 24 year old working his tail off trying to support his family. They both had the same opportunity when they were hired, but what they chose to do with that opportunity is up to the person. The government should not be allowed to control our outcome

Comment 08 Oct 2020
Ok, I worded this wrong, FSU didn't cover at all against JSU. However, my point still stands
Comment 08 Oct 2020

Georgia will blow away Tennessee. The Vols are starting to get overhyped

Ole Miss vs Alabama could be closer than expected, just because it's @ Ole Miss, and Bama has Georgia next week. The Tide could be caught looking ahead

Notre Dame is going to absolutely curb-stomp FSU. FSU is 0-2 against actual competition, and they didn't pull away, or cover against Jacksonville State until late in the third quarter

Comment 06 Oct 2020

Ok, I went through and redid my game by game predictions based on the new schedule, and came out with some different matchups

  1. Ohio State (8-0) over Minnesota (7-1)
  2. Wisconsin (6-2) over Indiana (6-2)
  3. Iowa (5-3) over TTUN (5-3)
  4. Penn State (5-3) over Nebraska (3-5)
  5. Illinois (3-5) over Maryland (2-6)
  6. Michigan State (2-6) over Purdue (2-6)
  7. Northwestern (2-6) over Rutgers (0-8)

The difference between Indiana and Penn State was literally the head-to-head matchup. I have Indiana winning in an upset, mostly because it's in Bloomington, but if Penn State were to win that game, it would flip Indiana and Penn State

Comment 06 Oct 2020
Yeah, but we didn't have a double digit lead in that game Going back to 2019, we had a 10-0 lead over the Broncos, then lost 27-17; a 14-0 lead over Mouldy Cheese and lost 23-20; a 23-6 lead over Chicago then lost (all in the fourth quarter) 27-23; a 14-3 lead over Mouldy Cheese and lost 42-21; and now a 14-0 lead over New Orleans before losing 35-29. 5 losses in 5 straight games where we've had a double digit lead. And a lot of the blame should be placed on the defense
Comment 05 Oct 2020
Hopefully Patricia is the next coach to get fired "9-7 isn't good enough" said the Lions. Patricia has won 10 games in 2 1/4 years and the defense especially is getting worse every year. How can the defense be the weakest part of the team when the head coach is supposed to be a defensive minded coach?!?!
Comment 03 Oct 2020
So Mississippi State lost to Arkansas.... scoring 14 points. Does that mean LSU is just downright terrible on defense, or Mississippi State just had the game of their lives last week?
Comment 03 Oct 2020
Attempt is picked off and UNC returns it for 2. 26-22 UNC. Now it's do or die for Boston College on the onside attempt
Comment 01 Oct 2020
Well then... I have no idea. These were just the matchups based on my game by game predictions
Comment 30 Sep 2020
I've got #1 Ohio State 56-10 over Minnesota #2 Wisconsin 34-24 over *ichigan #3 Penn State 21-17 over Iowa #4 Indiana 31-20 over Illinois #5 Nebraska 24-21 over Michigan State #6 Northwestern 31-27 over Maryland #7 Purdue 38-10 over Rutgers 4-3 West, but in the game that matters [the 1 vs 1] the East Champion, Ohio State, prevails