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May 4, 2018 at 1:38pm


Yesterday I officially updated my “Mr.” to “Dr.” Medicine is obviously an interest (and much more than that) for me.

Obviously we all have an interest in OSU football here. I’m wondering what other interests and hobbies people share. I also root for the Browns, Indians, Cavs, and Liverpool Football Club.

I’m interested in cooking and food science and have seen plenty of posts about those topics here. I also enjoy whiskey (mostly scotch).

I was once pretty deeply involved in speedcubing (Rubik’s cube speedsolvimg and other twisty puzzles; one handed, blindfolded, large scale event planning, the whole deal).

I dabbled for some years in card magic - enough for some paid gigs and certainly enough to entertain at bars or parties.

I’ve been passionate about Super Smash Brothers 64 for a long time, and have competed in and won a number of tournaments for casual players. I’ve just recently had time to delve a bit into the competitive scene and online play.

I enjoy board games. Chess, Catan, and Secret Hitler are favorites. Recently been playing a lot of Carcassonne.

I previously played soccer and tennis, but mostly run and do traditional home work outs like pull ups, push up, sit ups, etc. Been getting into rock climbing a bit recently.

I also enjoy reading, but it tends to relate to football, chess, medicine, or cooking.

What say you? What common or esoteric things keep your minds and limbs busy? Posting the single word “children” is also a fair response.

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