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Comment 09 Feb 2018

Speaking of Meyer, I was just at dinner with my wife and in-laws talking to them about the splendor of this recruiting class and this fabulous Wednesday we’ve had, and I looked up and Urban Meyer himself was waving at me from another table!

Comment 07 Feb 2018

AlphaZero vs Stockfish is also really interesting for those who have a better understanding of chess than Go. The significance of AlphaGo and AlphaGo Zero can be slightly lost without a preexisting appreciation for the game of Go.

Comment 07 Feb 2018

It is an average. Every recruit gets a rating and it’s an unweighted average.

The total score is not a mere sum of the individual individual scores however. Each recruit contributes to to the total score based on where they fall in the class and their individual rating. If it were a mere sum, class size would be a massively weighted factor

Comment 07 Feb 2018

1. We won 1 championship, not 5 in 9 years.

2. I agree. Although Georgia will be #1, and Bama came in with a lot of work to do today. And since Bama has been #1 forever, and they just played in the championship game. The Georgia beating Bama for #1 is a totally reasonable storyline.

Comment 01 Feb 2018

/s ?

Look at any school’s commits when new rankings come out. For the most part the rankings change by people moving UP. As in, underrated Joe Smith at 237 moves up 100 spots to 137. All else equal, everyone who started 137-237 moves down one spot. That’s why if you look at a school’s recruiting class, most recruits move down a handful of spots while generally a couple jump up a good number of spots. If you look at the total sum of spots up vs spots down for OSU at recruiting updates, you’ll find your narrative to be malarkey.

Comment 26 Jan 2018

Until I finish residency I’ll probably just dabble on DuoLingo and things. Hopefully after that I can take it more seriously

Comment 26 Jan 2018

Gotta watch those Sicilianos. Blood runs hot! I kid. I’m Sicilian on my mom’s side

Comment 24 Jan 2018

You really shouldn’t need a half tank buffer to not run out of gas accidentally. That’s like bringing a winter coat and umbrella every day and saying “at least I won’t get caught in the rain or cold” even when it’s summer and there’s no forecasted rain.

Comment 22 Jan 2018

The NCAA can talk to me about their fake jersey problems when they resolve their player’s likeness issue and start putting names on their jerseys again

Comment 22 Jan 2018

There are plenty of other legal places to get music.

Amazon sells music. Bandcamp, too (more of an indie type deal). And here’s an article on ways to legally obtain free music:

Then obviously legal streaming services are the norm now. Pandora has a free version (ads) that’s great

Comment 20 Jan 2018

Man. It never stops.

At least we can all agree that when the most contentious topic on the forums is about a QB that broke a million school/conference records, the program is in pretty good shape