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BBQ, Beer and Buckeyes (#off-season)

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January 15, 2018 at 12:23am

Well the #off-season is firmly underway so it seemed like a good time to welcome the new crop of members that stuck around to the fray with one of our favorite topics: BBQ (and booze).

Tonight I threw a rack of St Louis and a rack of baby back pork ribs on the ole Daniel Boone while I replaced the garage door opener. I dusted them with my own pork rub and smoked them with a new bag of apple pellets.  2 hours at ~225F, about 45 minutes at 325F and the cranked it up to 425 to finish them. (~200F).

They turned out great, really enjoying pork ribs recently. I had 3 types of bbq sauces out and nobody wanted to touch them.  We also ate roasted brussel sprouts like popcorn, even the 2 year old.

I started cutting the racks in half as it gives more flexibility to rotate and move them around the grill for "perfect doneness", and it gives a few more end pieces which my 7 year old loves.  I also used a bottle of angry orchard cider in my spray bottle instead of the usual water because I got tired of looking at it in my pantry - it was a leftover from a pool party this summer.  It worked pretty damn well and made a nice cloud of boozy apple juice each time I sprayed them.

Big hat-tip to CalPoppy who randomly dropped by yesterday with 2 six packs of Ohio beers. A 6 of North High Brewing Company's Pale Ale, a couple of their IPA,  a couple DIPA's (Highweyer), their milk stout and a vintage Nov '16 can a Jackie O's Java the Hut coffee porter, which is awesome (drinking right now).  The pale is awesome, IPA is pretty damn good (quite mellow) and the Highweyer collaboration is awesome.  Really nice flavor with mellow hops and a good amount of malt that helps the 9.3% abv.  Looking forward to the second can after this vintage Java the Hut.  Definitely a good mix for housework and grilling.

So my fellow 11Wers, go ahead and post any recent cooks here. Beer, booze and wine is also on-topic. Bonus points for Jen Bielema references.

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