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Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Spoilers Are Here)

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December 17, 2017 at 1:22pm

Wanted to start a thread so everyone who has seen the movie can discuss. I have only watched the movie once and that was last night so I am still processing what I saw. Admittedly I will need to see the movie again since there were many layers in this one.

Overall I was very happy with the movie and appreciated that it wasn't just some rehash of ESB, probably my favorite to date.

Moments I loved:

1. Luke, Rey, and Ren were the main focus in this one and none of them disappointed. Hamill probably gave his best performance and Driver is damn near stealing this trilogy.

2. The death of Snoke.

3. Yoda cameo. Which means we should see the ghost of Luke in the next movie to aid Rey in her progress.

4. Star Cruiser straight through the heart of Snokes ship. Bad ass moment.

5. Luke's showdown with Ren... Very well done and I did not see that coming. Having him use the force to appear there in form is now one of my favorite Luke moments of all time. Well done to the writers on that one.

Moments that I didn't like or am indifferent about:

1. The crawl at the beginning. This is something I need to look at again and read the previous crawls as well but this one felt very Disney for kids. The writing just seemed different than those in the past for some reason. Minor detail though and maybe it was just me.

2. Rey with no Jedi background. Now it's possible that Ren was lying and using deception which I hope is the case. One theory I read was Del Toro could be the father of Rey. That one is interesting but sad for me because essentially they are killing off the Skywalker family line (aside from Ren) in this movie. Moving on in a new direction.

3. Rose. The Finn and Rose storyline was weak and felt like filler, but I can get by that. Part of what I think was the problem was the choice of actress for Rose. She just didn't seem to have the captivating heroine feel that she should have had. I feel she could have been cast much better. No offense to the actress chosen, I just didn't like her portrayal of a character that could have been much more.

4. The cave. 

5. Luke and Leia reuniting was short lived.

6. The death of Snoke. Too soon and a backstory would have been nice.

7. Timing. How long was Rey's training with Luke? It seemed the rebellion didn't have much time so this was kind of odd to me. Seemed like she would have been there for a few days and then travel time? Maybe the time was just different and I am overthinking it though. Edit: She had the tracker so the timing was the same, short time in training.

Anyways, enough about me. Onto discussion.

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