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Comment 18 May 2018

I’ve always wondered what he is drawing up on that board because it sure as hell isn’t a play. Probably just calling a timeout to have the guys come over to help with a game of hang man or something. Some kind of guess that word game he struggles with.


Comment 15 May 2018

McCallister should have been gone last year and that is what makes it frustrating knowing he was going to be depended on to help pick up Shaw’s minutes. Goody can be good at times, I think he is a good option at the back end. I thought Olson and Otero have been fairly solid though I have missed some games this season. The Tribe needs to get another arm or two soon as well as some help in the OF. Strikeouts and pop flies make this offense boring to watch, and they aren’t making it far in the post season on that.

Comment 13 May 2018

Cool. In your opinion its a stupid trade. In my opinion its not. Sorry to disappoint but I'm not getting into a back and forth internet fight over an opinion. The Celtics just signed Hayward to a big contract so if they can find a team to trade him away to and help facilitate a trade for Kawhi thats an all star defender to add to a system and players like Tatum and Brown you have locked up for years. The Celtics wouldn't necessarily have to include them in any trades. The Celtics would need to get Kawhi on board to sign long term before making the trade, that's obvious in any trade. They aren't bringing in an All Star as a one year rental.

Comment 13 May 2018

Yeah. Pairing him in this system with Kyrie would be lethal. Easily title contenders for years if they can work together past the alpha roles. Kyrie has already shown he can't handle it though, so who knows.