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Comment 19 Mar 2020

Doing well. Healthy and still working so I can't complain at the current moment... except maybe the panic buyers that have made it damn near impossible to find boneless chicken. Office is scrambling around to set up working at home if we need to. Our California offices already had to switch over to that. How are you and the wife doing?

Comment 06 Mar 2020

Indeed. The Chris Gaines experiment was a weird one considering everything he was putting out as Garth would turn to gold. Every songwriter in the industry wanted to get their songs in front of him. Some hate it but I enjoyed his music and even pulled out Double Live months ago after not giving it a listen for probably more than a decade. The songs still sounded fresh like they would work if released today. How was the recent show? I watched the first part of the special he had on TV. In the beginning he played a small part of a song he was working on at the time and was hooked immediately. He hasn't lost it one bit, but that was a small sample size obviously.

Comment 06 Mar 2020

I wouldn't consider him the best live showman but his Double Live album still holds the record. Over 21 million copies and counting.

Comment 05 Mar 2020

I wouldn't go as far as hate but one band I don't really care for?

Kiss - A couple good songs here and there but they are an overrated band in my opinion. Theatrics sold at the time.

Greatish band:

Metallica - After the Black album. What could have been if Cliff and Dave never went away. However, Dave's ousting gave us Megadeth so we have that to be thankful for. They have had some good songs since then but there is a huge drop off from the earlier work. Dave is one of the best when it comes to writing a riff.

Not surprised I guess on your stance but I still enjoy:

I am a Dave Matthews Band fan and can see where you are coming from. I too realize that after the Everyday album came out I started to drift from the band a bit. I was looking forward to hearing Dave pick up an electric (baritone in his case) and it turned out like Tim Reynolds with an electric. The two are masters with an acoustic in their hand, but put an electric in there and it goes down hill... especially Tim.

Warning - Do not listen to Tim Reynold's electric songs on his solo albums. It reaches Yoko Ono territory. Hard to believe it is even the same person.

Comment 05 Mar 2020

Garth is great. Best live album of all time... though technically its a compilation of live shows which is cheating if you ask me.

Comment 05 Mar 2020

Quite a few great artists weren't great back in the day live. Hendrix was a very sloppy player live

Comment 23 Feb 2020

I'm not following you on the closer to $6 trillion. Where are you getting that from? The total amount is only $2.9 trillion. Congress can't take SS and use it for something else by law. It is in a separate budget from regular government spending. The excess received each year has to be invested in bonds rather than sit in cash so there is no cash amount sitting on hand. It works similar to a bank. When you put money in the bank it is loaned out to others and interest accrued, albeit low these days. You don't have cash sitting there. Congress would have to change the law or default on debts for it to actually raid SS, neither of which would be popular.

Comment 23 Feb 2020

It is a myth though and a misunderstanding of how it works. The social security asset reserves are sitting in a fund, the Social Security Trust Fund, which is managed by the US Treasury. They receive money, pay out, and then purchase special bonds which are not publicly traded (fully backed by the US government) with the reserves it receives every year. This is so the excess is invested each year and collecting interest. If not, then the money would be sitting there losing value due to inflation. In 2018 the asset reserves collected over $88 billion in interest. The money is still there whether it is in a bond (which generates income) or sitting in cash (which loses value). It would be terrible practice to have the asset reserves sitting in a vault losing value. No different than you sitting on all cash, it loses value annually.

Comment 21 Feb 2020

AZ Buckeye13 - Congress taking money from Social Security is a myth. By law they can’t take it. What they have done is used the surplus to purchase bonds so interest is collected on the surplus rather than it just sitting there. Social Security going bankrupt is also a myth that has been thrown around over the years. It can’t go bankrupt due to the way it was set up. It’s a tax on income. So as long as people are working there will also be incoming cash. The issue that arise are the amount going out vs the amount coming in. The boomer generation is large so as they pull from it the working generations will not be able to keep up with it to pay at current levels unless changes are made.

They are merely investing the money which is good practice even though bonds don’t make much. Denmark uses investing to keep up with their social programs. The only difference is they were smart to keep their natural resources in the public so money made from those go to their investment fund. Which has been very successful. Whereas we decided to privatize.

Comment 21 Feb 2020

Carpetbagger, there was a study done years ago for Wal Mart to raise their wages. Even if they passed on the whole increase to customers the increase would be minimal.

This 1.1 percent increase in price works out to $0.46 per shopping trip, or $12.49 per year, for the average consumer who spends approximately $1,187 per year at Walmart.

Companies like Wal Mart use the system to their advantage. Keeping prices extremely low for more profit so they can then grow faster than they should (by not raising wages). That allows them to gain market share and stomp out competition which would help overall with prices and wages. Also theoretically if Wal-Mart were to raise wages along with other companies, your wage would grow as well. Your spending is someone else's income. The issue is the increases have largely accumulated at the top and are stuck there. It's a complicated issue, but one that the market has to take ownership of as well, not just the government.

Comment 21 Feb 2020

Sure you don't "have" to work for Wal Mart, but there are limited jobs in the country and in any given area, so someone has to take those jobs. That is what is available to them. Wal-Mart employs 1.5 million in the US and I think that gets lost on people. Same as the argument I see from people saying those jobs and fast food are only for high school kids. Meanwhile they are sitting in the McDonald's drive thru line at noon on a weekday in February oblivious to the irony.

Comment 21 Feb 2020

2021 budget estimate ($4.829 T):

SS = $1.151 T

Medicare = $722 B

Medicaid = $448 B

Defense = $705 B

Other Discretionary: $780 B

Deficit = $966 B

I think Buctor has the right mind set. Taxes are ass my dudes, but it is a necessary evil if you want to live in a society. Mandatory spending I don't have an issue with. Social Security is paid in and paid out directly back to you. It isn't the most efficient set up for a retirement plan, but without it many people will not save for retirement and that creates even bigger problems. It isn't much but it provides something.

Defense is also necessary but it is certainly high considering what other countries spend and the issues we have at home that money needs to be directed to. This line item will only increase even further now as we move to weaponize space to defend satellites.

Comment 05 Feb 2020

I think Venables is waiting to take over at Clemson. He has had every opportunity to leave and turns everyone down. Once Saban retires I think he moves up.