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Comment 15 Mar 2019

10000% you revoke their degree, if they didn't earn it then they don't get it.

That won't happen. The schools can look at the students as victims in the situation and not want to place that hardship on them. They will get bad PR if they take them away as well as if they let them keep them. Taking them away would get the bigger media/public outcry. They will more than likely all be able to continue on in their programs and keep their degrees. If anything some or all of their scholarships will be pulled.

Comment 14 Mar 2019

It would end up being the same thing. Your donations while on a smaller scale than the donor giving $10 million gets pooled together with every other donation and you more than likely do not know how that money is being used. What percentage is going to the students to decrease the cost of their education vs money going to increase the value of the university. I think for years the bulk of money has been going to increasing the value of the university instead of the value for students. Which is why the cost of education has skyrocketed.

Comment 14 Mar 2019

One of the problems with donations is how they are used. If someone donates $10 million for a new library or a new engineering building there is going to be a shared cost after the building is up. Maintaining and running the new building, paying people to fill it (salaries), equipment, etc, are going to cost money year over year. The school then turns around and says they need to raise tuition rates and those costs end up falling on the students and/or parents paying for the education. Its an endless cycle and that's a problem. Mark Cuban refuses for any of his money to be used on buildings for reasons like that. The burden ends up falling on the students driving up tuition costs instead of lowering the cost of their education. I applaud him for that. He says if you see a school or your school putting up new buildings, run.

Comment 13 Mar 2019

Argosy University and several others under the parent non-profit company just had to shutter the doors leaving students with no degree and six figure debts. This was one of the universities my wife looked at in Chicago for her PsyD in Clinical Psychology. She ended up choosing another and graduated a few years ago. One of the interns in her office is/was attending the Chicago branch and has no idea what is going to happen with her degree. She finished all course work and just needs to do the intership/post doctoral stuff for a degree that might not exist now.

Anyways the Dept. of Education found out that millions of financial aid dollars were disappearing and about $13 million they found went to salaries and other things. They pulled all public funding from the university which has now had to close up shop.

The feds’ ultimatum came after several months of financial challenges for Argosy. The school, which offered professional degree programs in 13 states, operated as a for-profit college for years before it became a not-for-profit private college in 2017.

When Argosy’s parent company, Dream Center Education Holdings, couldn’t pay its creditors, a federal court in Ohio appointed a receiver. In February, The Arizona Republic revealed that thousands of Argosy students across the country had not been paid nearly $13 million in financial aid funds they were owed. Dream Center also owned several art institutes, including the Illinois Institute of Art, which closed its Schaumburg, Tinley Park and Chicago locations last year

Comment 13 Mar 2019

I don't think the schools will get hammered but I could see an argument being made on background checks for prospective student athletes coming into play. The schools gave athletic scholarships away to students who had no athletic background whatsoever. The schools can argue that they went off the info they were given but there will be a push for better verification procedures I imagine. My guess is that could fall under lack of institutional control.

Comment 12 Mar 2019

The original deal was OBJ for a 2nd, 3rd, and Peppers. The Giants immediately hung up the phone. Browns called back and the Giants said they were insulted. No way in hell we are taking Peppers for that. Bump up to a 1st if you are trying to get us to take him off your hands. Otherwise give us the 2nd and 3rd for Peppers. 

Without hesitation the Browns said the 1st is yours then. We have a deal?

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Warinner was here for multiple seasons (4?) and Beck was probably mutual so he could join Herman in Texas

Comment 08 Mar 2019

That might depend on how much your privacy is worth on the open market... I mean yes he will totally respect your privacy and not sell any of your information to a third party.

Comment 08 Mar 2019
Jeff may be looking for a roommate to help cover the bills at his DC home after his upcoming divorce. So keep an eye out on Craigslist.
Comment 07 Mar 2019

Genuine GM DexCool anti-freeze versus Red Bull. Results to be posted soon. Stay tuned.

I'm intrigued

Comment 07 Mar 2019

Great idea. Virgin or regular? I assume virgin olive oil won’t last as long so I may go regular.