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Moving to Cincinnati - Help?

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May 10, 2016 at 2:15pm

So yeah, the wife got a job offer she couldn't refuse in Blue Ash and now it's a mad rush to sell the house and move down there ASAP.  Just one problem. I don't have a clue about suburban Cincinnati and where to start looking for a new place. I've lived in Columbus since 1969 and aside from six years in Athens for my degree (don't ask), I haven't lived anywhere else. 

Most of our time here was in the Hilliard/Dublin area, but we moved to Powell for the schools three years ago. Our little guy is going to start first grade and has an IEP (for help with dyslexia and reading), so school support is a big deal for us. I've read that the Sycamore School system is excellent, but I wanted to ask our 11W members who live or have lived in Cincinnati, what the area is like. 

If you were me and moving to Cincinnati to take a job in Blue Ash, where would you live? The plan is to stay in an apartment for awhile, just to sort out the real estate market a bit. Any help you guys could provide would be incredible. Can I get most of the Bucks games? 

Thanks in Advance! 

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