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10 day road trip vacy with the wife

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January 4, 2016 at 2:25pm

Wife and i had some days off before the year ends and it was one of those things- use it or lose it kinda things. 

We  wanted to go EU(London, Rome and Paris(spend Christmas eve and day here), but with what all was happening we decided to do a road trip. Dallas, Tx to Las Vegas, Nv. 19hrs and 1,300 miles pt to pt.

I have to admit and say i was a bit nervous about spending 7 hr legs with her in the car. She's one of those A type personalities and i am pretty much opposite of that. 

Either way, neither of us are homebodies, so road trip was the only option. 

First stop: Carlsbad Caverns, NM

To be completely honest, i wanted to skip this and drive straight to my wife's friends place in El Paso, Tx. Glad my wife insisted to make this a stop. This place is absolutely awe worthy and MUST see. Prepare to walk a lot. The whole cavern is a 3.8 mile trek. Took us about 5-6 hrs to see the whole thing. Then again, we tend to read everything and i was stopping every 20 seconds to take a picture. 

Second stop: White Sands, NM

White sand dunes for miles. Its a sight to see. The place does not look real at all. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen. 

Next stop: Pima Air and Space Museum

If you are an aviation enthusiast, this is must see! over 300 planes to walk up to and touch. Yea, i was in heaven. A kid in a candy store, if you will. I also did a Boneyard tour where you get to see retired war birds, or birds that are getting either engine or avionics upgrades. Sadly, you could not get out to see it, but got an ok view from the bus. Pretty cool either way.

**not my pic**
Next stop: Antelope Canyons, Az
Formations due to flash floods. I ended up taking over 300 pics here alone. Every turn was picture worthy.
Next stop: Horseshoe Bend, Az

Wife and sat here and watched the sunset. 

On our drive to the Grand Canyon 

Next stop: Grand Canyon, Az

Temps were in the teens and snow on the ground when we went, so we didnt take advantage of all the trails they have. We will def make a trip back in the warmer months to do them. Views were breathtaking! Also, North Rim was closed for winter, so will def check that out on our next trip.


Last stop: SINcity!

We spent 3 days in Aria with a nice comfy bed and the view wasnt shabby either. Sadly, i dont gamble(or rather i suck at it), but my wife played poker(lost the first night and won what we lost and then some on the second night). 

Pretty much spent half her winnings at Picasso

**Not my picture**
This was my first experience at a Michelin Star dinning and while i had to do a double take at the bill, it was worth it.
The drive back was quiet brutal. We got stuck on the road for a few hours thanks to winter storm goliath in New Mexico where we spend 2 days since all roads going east were closed.  We finally made it back safely to dallas. 
Trips for this year: Vietnam and Iceland. 
What about you guys?


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