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Comment 13 May 2019
Yeah, I can't recommend tinting enough. I lived in Daytona for two years didn't need it. I only lasted one summer in Dallas before I got it done. I had the AC on blast for 26 mins before it felt cooler in the car. Ha. http://www.dallasohiostatealumniclub.com/game-watch-locations/ Those are lists of alum bars. I mainly go to the one in Plano as it's close to my house. Good fans of all ages. Good food and beer options. Slater's has a lot younger of a crowd. Reminds me of high St bars. I usually go there for the bigger games. Parking is a pain, so go early. The closest one to you is the one in Carrollton. Never been there though. If you plan to go to the Dallas or Plano on shoot me a pm.
Comment 11 May 2019
Welcome to TX. I personally hated TX when I moved here. A lot had to do with a record of 100deg+ for 92 straight days. Tint your car if you haven't already, get a sunscreen for your front windshield if you haven't already and try and get an apartment or condo with pool access. You will easily use it 6-8mos out of the year. Denton is a unique place and it's booming. What was just a college town 5 years ago and now a nice place to hangout to get away from smu crowds from uptown. Great social life, with a small town feel. I would say the same about ft Worth, but that's also changing. I moved to Dallas pre housing boom, when you could get a two bedroom two bath in the heart of uptown for $1500. I have grown to like here. Great food scene. In Feb you can go to bars with just a hoodie and jeans. A good bang for your buck city even with the boom. Dallas has had a lot of growth the last 5 years from people moving from the east and west coast. All that's said, welcome to Texas. If you decide to go to one of the alum bars for the games, let me know and the first few beers will be on me.
Comment 21 Jan 2019
That's freaking amazing! Congrats! Before I used to macro count using MyFitnessPal and it worked great. Now with a new company for work that pays for all my meals it's tougher to track. Workout got super inconsistent to non existent. This year I committed myself to a new healthier me as my arse is only getting older. Ha
Comment 08 May 2018
Sorry I'm late, but I guess for those who might be interested the next time they are in Cbus definitely add this one spot to your list Brassica. Was in Cbus for work and the smell of their food got me to walk in. I ended up getting a hummus and pita side (their pita alone is phenomenal) and their Half Brisket ( Harissa Rubbed Beef Brisket Braised Until Fall Apart Tender) and half Glazed Bacon (House-cured Lamb Bacon with Aleppo Pepper Glaze) was out of this world. If the description doesn't get you drooling the picture should. AND yes, it tasted as glorious as it looks. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Comment 02 Feb 2018
Or professional button pusher . Definitely a professional psychologist. If I have to hear another captain talking about his 3rd divorce, his boat and how he needs to get paid more, I might just quit.
Comment 01 Feb 2018
I don't care what is wrong with this data. I back it up 100%. 13. And I beat my wife. It's a good day.
Comment 27 Jan 2018
Used it twice . Wv - worked. DC- fail Haha !
Comment 27 Jan 2018
Born in India I had to learn Hindi (national language) then had to learn Bengali (the state I lived in) and Malayalam (my parents state language) . Sadly, none of those are dialects. I used to be able to read and write Hindi and Bengali, but that faded over time. When I came to Ohio State I really wanted to pick up Japanese or Mandarin, but both needed an 80% to pass the class to move on to the next level. Didn't want to risk it as I just had two years left, so I picked up Swahili. Yup. Random , I know. I get asked that at interviews all the time. Ha. I know English, I guess , unless I get pulled over. In highschool I took Spanish for 4 years and I can get by. Stayed in Mexico City for 3 days and that was a true test for me. Haha. The struggle was real. Formulation of proper sentences are rather weak, but my vocabulary of words is vast, so I got by, by just putting words together and hand gestures. Lol
Comment 31 Dec 2017

Easily 70/30 split. The O-H-I-O chant was loud on all four sides. It's wasn't a packed house by any means. You could see a decent amount of open seats around the stadium especially around the upper decks.  

Comment 27 Dec 2017
I would skip on the tavern . Over priced drinks, parking was really a tough find , and service was below avg. Rustic however, is one of my favorite spots in Dallas. Good food , good drinks, great service and if you get bored there are other bars around or a short Uber ride away
Comment 27 Dec 2017
Tix booked for the wife and I !! Excited !! Anyone want to meet up before for some beer and drinks ? Like a pick a place where we all can meet and hangout prior to the game.
Comment 27 Dec 2017
Pack!!! Long time brother!! Sorry for the delay , been super busy with work. Life is great ! Zero complaints from my end. Just excited to see what this year has in store for me. Ha . How are things with you ? :)
Comment 16 Jan 2017
Damn. Jealous. If you can take some pics a d post 'em here. :)
Comment 31 Dec 2016
This was tough to watch. Sigh. Well, if any of you happen you be in New Orleans on Bourbon St, I will be the guy will the red Ohio State rain jacket. I got your drinks and we can drown our sorrows together tonight. 2 for one hurricanes tonight guys. On me. Just sayin' Happy New Year!