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Comment 16 Jan 2017
Damn. Jealous. If you can take some pics a d post 'em here. :)
Comment 31 Dec 2016
This was tough to watch. Sigh. Well, if any of you happen you be in New Orleans on Bourbon St, I will be the guy will the red Ohio State rain jacket. I got your drinks and we can drown our sorrows together tonight. 2 for one hurricanes tonight guys. On me. Just sayin' Happy New Year!
Comment 23 Nov 2016
It's all in good fun imho. For example just 10 mins ago a guy getting his shoe shined was wearing a *ichigan hat. I said, "Go Buckeyes " and he laughed and I pointed at my at Ohio sticker on my luggage, laughed and kept walking. I get the rivalry, I am all about it (the hatred, intensity.. Everything) but we also are the best damn fans in the land, so we need to act like it. Just my two cents :)
Comment 29 Oct 2016
Emotions get the better of people. Not really an excuse, but it doesn't really bother me as much as it used you. I saw everything I needed and then some after the VT loss. But I agree with you.
Comment 26 Oct 2016
Nice. Thanks. Will try them this weekend
Comment 26 Oct 2016
Not a fan of Ipa unless it's with a burger or fried food. Goes really really well imho. I like wheat: Rahr blonde, blood and honey. This time around the year I go stout: coffee or double chocolate My favorite bottles are: ommegang three philosophers and chimay grand reserve blue Damn.. I could go for a couple of beers now. Sadly working :(