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Weekly Workout Post: Let's Do This On Sundays Edition

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November 15, 2015 at 4:46pm

Hey guys, i figured that Sundays are probably a little better time to do this rather than the middle of the week, so I'll be posting these on Sunday afternoons from now on.

anyway! two topics to choose from this week!

  • talk about a workout victory that you've had in the past month or so. something cool that you've been able to do that you're proud of, it doesn't have to be some kind of world-breaking thing, just something that you take pride in having done with regards to working out.


  • describe your workout routine. if you lift, talk about your programming. if you're a rock climber, give us some details about how you practice. if you do crossfit, explain to me what in the hell the names of those WODs mean. i'm always curious to see what all other people do on a regular basis to keep fit.

My answers:

  • for a long time a goal of mine has been to bench 225 for reps, and i feel like recently ive taken some solid steps toward that. i've had a mental block on benching much over 200, and i think that i'm finally past that. hoping to rep 225 by the arnold this year. 2 plates baybeeee
  • my routine is weird and a big mishmash of ideas. i am the first person to tell you that im a huge idiot when it comes to weightlifting, as i'm entirely self-taught with a dash of broscience from my friends over the years. currently the core concepts of my routine is this: 5 "main" exercises that i split up over 4 days of lifting during the week (sunday, monday, wednesday, thursday) and do a pyramid scheme with (12x6x3x12), and then 3x10 lower weight hypertrophy work for everything else. including the "main" lifts, i do 4 exercises for each major body part per week. i do a lot of legs, since ive divided it up into glutes, quads, and hammies. i'm fine with that because they lag a lot compared to the rest of my body so whatever. no deadlifting or barbell squatting because i have some back issues, but i actually really like my routine. im a moron who barely knows what he's doing, but i've seen some good progress with this. i can provide more details if you're curious/want to yell at me for my bad routine

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