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Has anyone heard of the "lunk alarm" at Planet Fitness?

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November 25, 2014 at 11:45pm

Maybe I have been hiding in a cave for awhile, but I just heard about a "lunk" alarm at planet fitness. It is essentially a nuclear loud siren that goes off when a patron grunts or drops weights, or "judges." For instance if you dropped your weight after dead lifting 500 lbs, the deafening alarm would sound. Or if you squat and let out a grunt of exertion, it could be grounds for dismissal. If you saw someone about to injure their back with rounded unsafe form during an exercise, it's best to keep any advice or concern to yourself as not to judge.

I was reading up on planet fitness, and I guess they have free pizza night, and free bagels as well. I asked my friend and he said his buddy was told he couldn't take his jug of water in with him because it could intimidate other members.

Here is an article on the free pizza:

Has anyone ever worked out at planet fitness, and had experience with the lunk alarm, or been told to tone it down? Or maybe it's a good "safe," place to workout with out fear of being judged. Any insight would be appreciated. I won't judge you if you are pro or anti-planet fitness. LOL.

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