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I'm Taking The Plunge.....

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August 25, 2014 at 8:34am

....into canceling our cable.  

My wife and I are pretty fed up with all the cable companies and the only reason we've kept cable anyways is for the BTN to watch the Buckeyes.  We really don't watch that much TV that we can't get on xbox live or through, ahem, other means.  

I'm hoping there's a way to stream the games on BTN, but if not I can just go to Studio 35 or wherever to watch those games.  

I assume I'd get the games that are broadcast on ABC and CBS and that I can stream the games that are on ESPN through Roku or Apple TV or wherever.  

Any of my fellow E'Dubbers doing something similar?  Any advice for a Buckeye fan going full retard and relying on catching the games primarily via streaming? 

Any help/advice is much appreciated.  

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