Former IU Quarterback Diamont, ESPN Analyst Dakich Verbally Spar

By Jimmy Longo on September 12, 2017 at 12:16 pm
Zander Diamont
Matt Kryger — USA Today Sports Images

Former Indiana quarterback Zander Diamont and Indiana basketball and coaching alum-turned ESPN analyst Dan Dakich set out to hurt each others feelings this weekend on Twitter.

It all started over comments to a tweet Diamont made about Indiana football coach Tom Allen, and the way that his love for his players is positive. Diamont also definitely was throwing some subtweet shade at former Indiana head coach and current Ohio State offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson. 

But anyways, on to the whole dispute. Here's where it ignited. 

After that, Diamont set in on Dakich, and well, it became a bonafide verbal boxing match.

So yeah, to dissect a little — I'm not certified in these things but the clear winner of the Twitter Fingers Trophy here is Dakich. 

Source: @zanderdiamont

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