Peyton Manning and Nick Saban May Have Broken NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement

By Nicholas Jervey on April 19, 2014 at 2:20 pm
Via Greg McWilliams/Icon SMI

It's an offseason pastime for coaches to visit other programs to learn more and run better offenses themselves. Peyton Manning, the most coordinator-like player you'll ever find, visited the University of Alabama to learn more about no-huddle offenses along with his offensive coordinator.

As a refreshing change from allegations of violating NCAA rules, Alabama head coach Nick Saban may have facilitated a violation of NFL rules by hosting Manning and his offensive coordinator:

The NFL is investigating whether Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and offensive coordinator Adam Gase violated a rule in the collective bargaining agreement during a visit to the University of Alabama, according to a league spokesman.

Alabama coach Nick Saban hosted Manning and Gase recently and had a "mutually beneficial meeting" discussing football strategy on how to defend the no-huddle offense. The NFL collective bargaining agreement does not permit players to have individual meetings with coaches before teams begins their offseason workout programs. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told The Post on Friday that the "we are looking into" the matter.

The impact is restricted to the NFL, so there will be no NCAA fallout for the Crimson Tide even if the NFL probe determines no wrongdoing. But aren't the incongruity of a Tennessee quarterback visiting with his school's most hated rival and the "Alabama cheats!" narrative so much fun?

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