Jim Harbaugh Praises the Humble Ham Sandwich, and a Michigan Commitment is Already Making Bets on Beating Ohio State

By 11W Staff on July 18, 2020 at 2:50 pm
Michigan commit went ham

We know Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is no fan of eating chicken, referring to the animal as a “nervous bird.”

But ham? Ham is something the coach can get behind.

According to The Wolverine, Harbaugh sang the praises of the humble ham sandwich to Markus Allen, a three-star wide receiver prospect committed to Michigan, from Clayton Northmont in suburban Dayton.

“He interacts with us like he’s our age, but he knows when to draw the line. We have odd conversations sometimes.

“I had a whole talk with him about a ham sandwich. He was talking about how good his ham sandwich was and how he’s had them for four days. Then he told me he was going to get another ham sandwich after our call (laughs).”

That's certainly one way to bond with the young me you are recruiting.

Allen, who grew up in Ohio, went on to say that he likes his future Michigan teams' chances of beating Ohio State so much that he's already placed bets on that happening.

“Our ultimate goal is to beat Ohio State and win a national championship,” Allen said. “I want to beat Ohio State bad. I’ve already made bets. I told my family that we’re going to beat them. Growing up in Ohio, all you hear is Ohio State. Ever since I committed, people have told me that we’re not going to beat Ohio State. I just want to beat them.”

Michigan and Ohio State are scheduled to meet in Columbus on November 28. Should Allen matriculate to Michigan, he will get his first chance against the Buckeyes in 2021.

The Wolverines have just one win against Ohio State since 2003.

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