John Simon a Candidate for NCAA Football 14 Cover

By Jason Priestas on January 31, 2013 at 4:17 am
John Simon will crush this vote. Like he crushes everything in life.

EA announced Wednesday that John Simon is a candidate to appear on the cover of NCAA Football 14, but he'll have to top candidates from seven other schools.

At this point, only four candidates have been announced – Simon, Michigan's Denard Robinson, Alabama running back Eddie Lacey and Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones – with voting conducted at the school level for the teams that don't have representatives. Individual player voting begins next week and Simon will need every bit of love he can get as he currently trails Robinson, Lacey and several generic candidates at schools without a player representative.

So do your thing, Buckeye fans. While the game has slipped a bit in recent years, landing a cover boy is huge for the program and a Denard Robinson victory is absolutely unacceptable.

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