Buckeye Signees Talk About Big Day

By Jeremy Birmingham on February 5, 2014 at 5:26 pm

Today is national signing day and 16 members of Ohio State's 2014 recruiting class, self-dubbed the "Dream '14," signed their names on the dotted line and officially became Ohio State Buckeyes. For a number of them, the chance to become a Buckeye is the culmination of a lifetime of hard work and dream chasing, for others it was something that happened unexpectedly but when presented with the chance to join Ohio State's football program, they couldn't turn it down. 

Eleven Warriors caught up with a few members of the "Dream '14" this afternoon for a brief moment on what becoming a Buckeye means to them. 

Linebacker Kyle Berger:  "I'm so excited to be a Buckeye. It feels great to be finished with the whole process and just be able to turn my focus to my future as an Ohio State Buckeye."

Linebacker Sam Hubbard: "I'm relieved (that this is over.) But I've enjoyed the entire process and everyone I was able to meet during it. I'm also excited to be focused only on getting ready for next year, finishing my senior year, and playing for the Buckeyes."

Offensive lineman Brady Taylor: "It's more than words can explain. (Signing with Ohio State) was my final high school goal to accomplish and now I am ready to go back to the bottom of the totem pole and work my way back up to the top and make a name for myself as a Buckeye."

Wide receiver Terry McLaurin: "It feels good to be a Buckeye, and to see the hard work pay off. The real work is only beginning though."

Wide receiver Noah Brown: "Today was an incredible day, one of my many dreams that have become a reality. To officially sign and have this process over is a huge relief for me and my family. I can't wait to get on campus and to start my career as a Buckeye."

Defensive lineman Dylan Thompson: "It's a great feeling and I got to do it at the biggest event in the country in Texas. I would have loved to have signed with my future teammate form my school, Mike Maduko (who accepted a preferred walk-on position with the Buckeyes today.) The feeling is unreal, I can't believe this day have finally come, honestly."

Offensive lineman Jamarco Jones: "It's a huge relief to have signing day over with.  I'm happy to be a Buckeye and look forward to working hard and helping the team in the future."

We'll have more reaction from Ohio State's newest signees as the day goes along.

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