Even Without Suspension, Marcus Hall Has to Come to Terms with Actions

By D.J. Byrnes on December 6, 2013 at 6:45 am
Marcus Hall: OSU Legend

From The Columbus Dispatch:

“He is distraught and completely wiped out and feels bad about what he did,” center Corey Linsley said. “It was the heat of the moment. We’ve all done things in the heat of the moment that we regret.

“After the game, I sat in the locker room and waited for him after he talked with coach (Urban Meyer), and he was at a loss for words and said he couldn’t believe it. ‘Everything was going right in my life.’

“I said, ‘Whoa, dude. It’s just football. It’s not like your life is off track now.’ I think we all did an OK job of bringing him back.”

Marcus, there's no reason to stay sour over spilled milk. Sure, it probably wasn't the wisest course of actions, but what's done is done. (To those people quick to label Marcus a "thug" in the immediate aftermath of the kerfuffle during The Game: take a note.)

Also buried in this article is praise for Marcus Hall's replacement, Pat Elflein. Corey Linsley admitted Elfein was a little "wide-eyed" when he initially came into The Game, but settled into place after a couple of series and logged a yeoman's effort on the afternoon. He even received half-time praise and encouragement from the banished Marcus Hall. (Again, quite the thug, this Marcus Hall guy.)

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