Block O: The Horseshoe is No Longer 'Intimidating'

By D.J. Byrnes on October 26, 2013 at 11:07 am
No longer intimidating?

File this under "don't shoot the messenger," from Block O's official site [SIC]:

We sell out game after game, but Ohio Stadium is truly no longer intimidating. Gone are the days when the stadium shook and teams struggled to execute as a result. We’re big, we fill The Shoe, but the volume level does not match up with the attendance. A Big 10 anonymous player poll (conducted by ESPN) ranked us #4 in terms of intimidation behind Camp Randall, Beaver Stadium, and Kinnick Stadium (yes, we’re behind Iowa). With stadiums with lesser seating going for world records in noise levels, there’s absolutely no reason we shouldn’t be intimidating with our size.

... Over the last few years, all students have been spread throughout the south stands or the extreme north stands. There are no longer pockets of students spread throughout the general seating to force alumni and other fans to stand and cheer.

The alumni I’ve observed in the south stands often seem disinterested in the team’s play, some even refusing to cheer for the band. Maybe they’re too cool to cheer, maybe they want to stand out as “more mature” among the students sitting next to them- I really don’t know. Having moved from Block “O” South (two years) to general seating in 37A (this year), I’ve observed it every single game this year.

This could be the first "things used to be a lot better" rant from somebody under the age of 45. It's going to, however, take us a little more than an anonymous ESPN player poll and some observational anecdotes about "too cool" and "mature" alumni to write off the Horseshoe as "no longer intimidating." 

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