Photo Tour of Ohio State's New Basketball Facility

By Kyle Rowland on September 3, 2013 at 12:15 pm
LeBron James' locker at Ohio State

Ohio State's new basketball facility is nearing completion. The $19 million price tag has put the Buckeyes in the upper-echelon in terms of practice and training venues.

Originally slated to be $13 million, a few more bells and whistles were added. Among them, a locker for LeBron James in the men's locker room. You read that right.

Director of basketball operations David Egelhoff said it's used for recruiting purposes. When recruits visit, the locker is filled with LBJ team-issued apparel to show the relationship James has with the university. Thad Matta and Gene Smith both spoke about James' commitment to the university. Smith said he wishes Ohio State fans would embrace him more because he's been so instrumental in the basketball program. The Buckeyes were the first team to wear the LBJ line of uniforms. 

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