Vote for the Official Ohio State Football Tee for the '13 Season

By Jason Priestas on June 17, 2013 at 1:36 pm

UPDATE: Design No. 3 is your winner.

In yet another sign that real, live football is right around the corner, Ohio State has opened voting for the official t-shirt of the 2013 football team. The choices, shown above, feature a simple font treatment in design No. 1, an old-school football (with a sneaky "OHIO") in design No. 2, and an even older-school football (with Buckeye leaf) in design No. 3.

Another in a long line of fan participation concepts Urban Meyer and his staff have been able to dream up, the first official t-shirt contest went to design No. 2 last year, featuring the school's athletic logo and the word "FOOTBALL" above a large "2012" on the front.

Design No. 3 is off to a healthy lead at this point in time, but be sure to make your voice heard.

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