Marotti Discusses Leadership and Development at Ohio State

By Vico on June 11, 2013 at 9:52 am

Ohio State was the subject of a profile from Bruce Feldman, which talked about the "Year Two" transformation under Urban Meyer, in particular. Mickey Marotti, Ohio State's strength and conditioning coach (formally: Assistant Athletic Director and Director of Football Sports Performance), was really the focus of this profile.

*Marotti on leadership: "A leader to this generation is somebody who scores touchdowns or blocks extra points or makes interceptions. A leader in my era is the guy who does everything the way they're supposed to do. They bring people with them. They're selfless. Unfortunately, we live in Generation I-Y. I live in that world still. Myself and Coach Meyer run a leadership class, where we have 18 or 19 guys in there who we're trying to teach and show leadership.


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