Congratulations to Devin Gardner, Academic Pioneer

By Jason Priestas on May 6, 2013 at 6:52 am
Devin Gardner and Denard Robinson at Michigan's graduation ceremonies.Devin Gardner and Denard Robinson [@dg1two]

Michigan's quarterback of the past and the now both graduated Saturday along with 5,000 other students on a sunny day in Ann Arbor.

Denard Robinson, on his way to the NFL as a Jacksonville Jaguar, graduated with a vaunted Michigan degree in General Studies.

Devin Gardner, if you're to believe his MGoBlue profile which is updated with fresh statistics and details from the 2012 season, managed to walk in three and a half years with a degree in undeclared. To take snaps for the Wolverines in 2013, Gardner will have to begin graduate work in the fall, where we presume he'll be getting his master's degree in undeclared. That's a first, as far as we're aware.

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