Eleven Dubcast: Basketball Preview 2012

By Johnny Ginter on November 7, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Yeah it's a bye week, but Sarah and I are still here grindin', and this week we're here to introduce you to the 2012 basketball Buckeyes! While not quite the extensive game-by-game breakdown that the football preview was, today we take a nice long look at Thad Matta's 2012-13 squad, and discuss such topics as Deshaun Thomas playing pop a shot with the B1G this year, and Aaron Craft's overall dreaminess.


To help us out this week is Sports Illustrated basketball writer extraordinaire Luke Winn, he of the Aaron Craft Turnometer and numerous other great bits of statistical analysis. Luke, Sarah, and I have an in-depth conversation about the dangers of peak oil, the ongoing situation in the Middle East, and of course, a general overview of Ohio State basketball and the larger college basketball world as a whole. All questions will be answered: Can Deshaun carry a team? Will Thad Matta's health hold up long enough for him to be one of the all time greats? Is Luke, a Northwestern grad, bullish on their chances of finally making the NCAA tourney? (spoiler alert: no, he is not)

And finally, we continue our Ask Us Anything segment, which is getting a steady stream of awesome questions. If you'd like to ask us anything about life, love, or possibly even college sports, e-mail us at elevendubcast@gmail.com. Here's how things broke down:

0:25- Sarah and I touch briefly on the utter destruction that was the Illinois game, before moving on to our main topic of the basketball team. I end up saying "Lenzelle" a lot because I enjoy saying his name.

18:38- Luke Winn! This was seriously one of the best interviews we've ever done; Luke was informative, conversational, and told us where Dick Vitale's gold is buried. All in all, a really interesting and fun conversation, and hopefully we can have him back on again sometime.

40:16- Ask Us Anything, and many people asked us many things, including desert island hypotheticals (???). Whatever, that's awesome. We'll take it.

1:02:34- What are the current presidential prospects for the Ohio State football team? (We got this one wrong)

Music this week was the theme from the greatest video game ever made, Sissyneck by Beck, and Doing It Right by the Go! Team. And that's it for this week, see ya guys.


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