Attorneys for Storm Klein File for Dismissal

By Kyle Rowland on August 8, 2012 at 7:10 pm

Former Ohio State linebacker Storm Klein could be on the verge of having his misdemeanor charges of domestic violence and assult dropped, according to a report by the Columbus Dispatch. 

Tim May has reported that Klein's attorneys today filed a motion for dismissal of both charges, citing a private investigator’s interview with the alleged victim in which she recants her story.

In the summary, the alleged victim says Klein "wrapped his arms around me to get me out of the house" after they got into a verbal argument. She got up to leave and attempted to take a television she loaned to Klein. It was then that she bumped her head, but she said Klein did not purposely harm her, a major difference from the police report. 

Klein's trial is scheduled for Aug. 20.

Klein, a senior, was dismissed the day following his arrest. Head coach Urban Meyer said he would review the case and possibly allow Klein back on the team depending on the circumstances.

“The charges filed against Storm Klein violate the core values of the Ohio State Football Program,” Meyer said. “As a result, Storm has been removed from the team. It has been made very clear that this type of charge will result in dismissal. If there are any changes in the charges, we will re-evaluate his status.”

It is still an uphill battle for Klein to return to the team. Throughout his career, Meyer has displayed a severe dislike for players who disrespect women. 

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