Video: WBNS Woody Hayes Tribute, March 12, 1987

By Jason Priestas on July 3, 2012 at 12:00 am

This amazing upload features over 10 minutes of footage from WBNS on the day Woody Hayes passed away at 74.

We start with Barry Katz on location at the steel skeleton of what is to later become the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. Katz mentions "there's a ground swell of support to get this named after Coach Woody Hayes," before going on to speak with former athletic director Hugh Hindman. Classic Hindman quote on whether Woody was difficult to work with:

"A lot of people would think he was difficult, but he really wasn't. Woody was a team player all the way. Militarily, he believed totally in the chain of command, and therefore, he was a team player in terms of the department and the University itself."

The broadcast then passes to Dave Kaylor, live at Ohio Stadium with Steve Luke, Ray Griffin, Tom Cousineau, Art Schlichter, Tom Skladany and Jim Stillwagon where they take turns remembering Woody, often in humorous situations.

Finally, we're treated to a montage of Woody appearing on camera throughout the years including a quip from his legendary 1982 commencement speech:

"If anyone congratulates you, kick them in the shins unless it's an old lady over 80."

[via Mike Case]


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