Your Penn State Vent Thread

By Johnny Ginter on November 19, 2011 at 6:42 pm

The sum of the parts does not always equal a whole. Ohio State had some incredible individual performances against Penn State, but ultimately yet another poor start to a game doomed the Buckeyes as they struggled to get back in the game in the second half. A lot of this can be attributed to youth, or poor coaching, or any number of reasons on the Ohio State side, but hats off to Penn State: Tom Bradley brought his boys to play.

We now cast our lonely eyes to Michigan week; take all that hate and vitriol you've got collected in that black pit you call a soul and instead of casting it inward, look to Those Jackasses Up North and allow it to become your sword. Swing your sword.

So, let this serve as your vent thread; please keep in mind that this is football, and keep all criticisms and complaints to the realm of football. The fans at the Horseshoe acquitted OSU fans very well, and we hope the same from our commentors. Also no calling JB Shugarts fat.

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