Video: Meet the Freshmen

By 11W Staff on August 4, 2011 at 1:32 am

We're still somewhat in awe of the new, more open and media friendly approach Ohio State is taking with the football team, but after 20 of the 22 members1 of the 2011 class attended a meet and greet today, the new Glasnost reality is sinking in.


  • TE Jeff Heuerman is up to 254 lbs and said, "We're going to kick some people's ass." (!!!)
  • OL Chris Carter came into summer conditioning a little out of shape, but has cut his weight from a high of 390 to 375.
  • Tommy Brown will be in the mix at OL this fall.
  • Joel Hale said he still talks to Tressel from time to time. Heuerman, Hale and others wore "JT" wristbands to the session.
  • Steve Miller and Curtis Grant are the class clowns, according to DL Chase Farris.
  • Braxton Miller said he has put on 15 lbs since the UA All-American Game and that he's up to 215 now.

  • 1 LB Connor Crowell and DL Kenny Hayes had prior commitments and were unable to attend the session.
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