Eleven Dubcast: The 'Christmas' Special

By Luke Zimmermann on May 27, 2011 at 1:00 pm
HO HO HO. MERRY DUB-CAST.Santa knows what's up.

The Office (THE TRUE OFFICE HURR /TV hipster) in the UK had a great run. It lasted two seasons totaling 12 episodes... And a two-part Christmas special. Because like any red blooded American I caught the specials on Netflix, it's impossible to tell if they actually aired on or around Christmas or not (Google laziness is a real disorder -- look it up). As such with this special edition of the Eleven Warriors Eleven Dubcast, we aim to make it Christmas in July June May.

To celebrate, we have gifts a plenty. New York Giants tight end (and Rose Bowl ubermensch) Jake Ballard joins us to set the party off right. We discuss what he's up to in lieu of the NFL lockout, his reaction to the controversy surrounding the football program, his feelings on players having to wait to receive awards (such as gold pants), and his outlook on the 2011 football season.

Finally, we're joined by former Ohio State corner and national champion Dustin Fox. We discuss Ray Small and the latest corner he's talked his way into, how Ohio State is able to reload in the secondary from year to year, and finally what finally putting on the pads this fall is going to mean to Ohio State and their prospects in 2011.

If you listen to one Dubcast for the rest of your life, make it this one. And then listen to all the other ones.

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