9 things that Jim tressell has In common With Jesus

By Ramzy Nasrallah on April 1, 2011 at 9:00 am
Capshun: Tressell punching invisible flying haters in the nutz

Story written by Ramzy, 11/r's Triple Senior Executive Chief Superintendent Managing Directing Officer of Worldwide Global Writing Operations

Jesus may have lived 100 years ago, but sources say that He may still be among Us, He lives in Columbus and he wears a Vest and he coaches football and he owns the state of m*ch*g*n and Dick Rod Charlie Weiss is fat am I right?  Back in 1957 when Woody Hayes invented football Jim Tresel was merely.  A teenager but in reality Jesuss.  Forthright.

First of all.  Tresell.  NUFF SAID.

B.  He rocks a vest and hater’s hate because haters just, don’t know what they can’t beat.  TRESSELL ROCK’S!

3. He does not give a dam for the hole state of m*ch*g*n.  Neither does Jesus!

5. Irregardless of what happens with.  The NCAA knows it needs Tressel more than Tressell needs the NCAA.  Tressel can just go all Tony Danza on the NCAA and say WHOS THE BOSS BITCHEZ NUFF SAID

6) Jessus led the Israelights out of the unpromised lands and too the PROMISE LAND JUST LIKE TRESSEL.  14-0 BABY MIAMI STILL SUCKS!

7. It wasn’t pass interference Gamble was getting held and Dan FOUTS SUCKS 4EVER.  JESUS THROUGH THE FLAG BECAUSE IT WAS THE WRITE CALL

7.  Tressel is literally a football.  Coach.  This is a biologic fact that can’t be debate.

7) If you don’t think Tressell is a good person then your an idiot or a meatchicken band wagon jagoff  VESTY JESUSS GO TRESS GOOOOO

8> He was born in Ohio, America.  Another biologic fact.  Case closed.

10. When Paterno shit his pants in the south End Zone it was because Tress was thinking about Joepa eating soft shell crabs out of a dumpster.  TRESS MAID IT HAPPEN.

What do you think.  Do you think Tress is like Jesus.  Final point: Jesus is a man.  Look at Tress.  That’s all I have to say.  Nuff.  Said.

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