Your Warmup Open Thread

By 11W Staff on October 30, 2010 at 10:00 am

Rodrigboren or Mangino Baby?  It's a tough call.

[Update 1:00PM - The spam has been removed and steps were taken to avoid anything like that going forward.  We're sorry for the hassle.  On a related note, I'm actually flying to New Delhi tonight (seriously) and I will avenge this. -- Jason]

A little costume contest to get you into the spirit this fine Halloween eve.  As much as we love Boren as Rodriguez, Baby Mangino is pretty damn awesome.

The noon slot doesn't offer much this week, but 3:30 brings us #5 Michigan State at #8 Iowa, #6 Missouri at #14 Nebraska and unranked Florida facing unranked Georgia in the game that used to be about outdoor cocktails, but is now about an oar.

GameDay will be in Los Angeles building up to the one moment this season when the fans of every school not named "Oregon" suck it up and cheer for a Lane Kiffin team this evening.  Speaking of primetime, should the OSU game get out of hand early, Michigan and Penn State will be slugging it out in Happy Valley at the same time.

12:00PM ET #22 Miami @ Virginia ESPN
12:00PM ET Northwestern @ Indiana BTN
12:00PM ET Purdue @ Illinois ESPN2
12:21PM ET Tennessee @ #20 South Carolina
3:30PM ET #5 Michigan State @ #18 Iowa ABC/ESPN
3:30PM ET #6 Missouri @ #14 Nebraska ABC/ESPN
3:30PM ET #15 Arizona @ UCLA  
3:30PM ET Florida vs Georgia CBS
6:00PM ET #2 Auburn @ Mississippi ESPN2
7:00PM ET #12 Stanford @Washington VS
7:00PM ET #25 Baylor @ Texas  
7:30PM ET #8 Utah @ Air Force  
8:00PM ET #1 Oregon @ USC ABC
8:00PM ET Michigan @ Penn State ESPN2
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