Dreaming of Ro*Tel and Barbasol Gift Bags

By Jason Priestas on June 23, 2010 at 5:32 pm

Late heads-up, but the Big Ten Network will air the 3rd annual Big Ten Network Awards tonight at  7pm. The Only Colors referred to the show as the "Midwestern ESPYs" and once you mix in appropriate amounts of Ro*Tel and Barbasol, that's an apt description.

Evan Turner snatching the manhood from Michigan's basketball program is appropriately nominated.

Fresh off successful seasons in many sports, the Buckeyes, as a team or individuals, are nominated in 9 of the 10 categories. Unfortunately, that lone category is "Most Dominating Performance" and instead features two different Boilermakers getting their's at the expense of OSU: Robbie Hummel's first half explosion in hoops and Ryan Kerrigan's havoc-wreaking afternoon during Purdue Harbor. The full list of categories and nominees: Breakout Performance of the Year

  • Evan Turner - Ohio State Basketball
  • John Shurna - Northwestern Basketball
  • Draymond Green - Michigan State Basketball
  • Jaime Printy - Iowa Women's Basketball
  • Adrian Clayborn - Iowa Football
  • Kelci Bryant - Minnesota Diving

Most Dominating Performance

  • Mike Kafka in the Outback Bowl - Northwestern Football
  • Ryan Kerrigan vs. Ohio State - Purdue Football
  • Robbie Hummel's First Half vs. Ohio State - Purdue Basketball
  • Angela Bizzari at Big Ten Championships - Illinois Cross Country
  • Kate Fesenko - Indiana Swimming
  • David Boudia at Big Ten Tournament - Purdue Diving

Best Finish

  • Ohio State vs. Michigan - Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament
  • Iowa vs. Michigan - Football
  • Michigan State vs. Michigan - Men's Basketball
  • Michigan State vs. Maryland - NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament
  • Michigan State vs. Minnesota - Men's Basketball
  • Michigan vs. Michigan State - Football

Men's Coach of the Year

  • Kirk Ferentz - Iowa Football
  • Jim Tressel - Ohio State Football
  • Thad Matta - Ohio State Basketball
  • Tom Brands - Iowa Wrestling
  • Tom Izzo - Michigan State Basketball
  • Justin Spring - Illinois Men's Gymnastics

Women's Coach of the Year

  • Russ Rose - Penn State Volleyball
  • Kelly Amonte-Heller - Northwestern Lacrosse
  • Jim Foster - Ohio State Basketball
  • Lisa Bluder - Iowa Basketball
  • Carol Hutchins - Michigan Softball
  • Rolf van de Kerkhof - Michigan State Field Hockey

Men's Team of the Year

  • Michigan State Basketball
  • Michigan Gymnastics
  • Ohio State Football
  • Iowa Wrestling
  • Iowa Football
  • Ohio State Basketball

Women's Team of the Year

  • Penn State Volleyball
  • Northwestern Lacrosse
  • Purdue Golf
  • Michigan Gymnastics
  • Ohio State Basketball
  • Michigan Softball

Game of the Year

  • Iowa vs. Indiana - Football
  • Iowa vs. Ohio State - Football
  • Northwestern vs. Auburn (Outback Bowl) - Football
  • Illinois vs. Ohio State - Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament
  • Ohio State vs. Purdue - Men's Basketball
  • Texas vs. Penn State - NCAA Women's Volleyball Championship