"Final Destination: Wide Receiver" Marches On?

By Luke Zimmermann on December 20, 2009 at 9:47 pm
Duane Long is reporting another Buckeye wide receiver is expected to miss the Rose Bowl. The oft embattled senior Ray Small is said to be facing a suspension for the final game of his college career for an alleged "repeat team rules violation". Would it be asking too much for someone to lock Dane and DeVier in a bunker in an undisclosed location for the next 2 weeks or so? While Long mentions no specifics as to the nature of the potential barring, buzz surrounding the news (along with the historical precedence of ex-Buckeye Eugene Clifford from 2 seasons prior) lead many to speculate it may be related to a repeat drug test failure.

From repeat academic issues to the clandestine 2-game suspension he was hit with last season, Small's career has failed to pan out in the way many had expected. While the drop off from Small to soon-to-be-elevated to third receiver Taurian Washington may only be a negligible one at worst, there's no question Small's contributions to the special teams facet of the game will be missed sorely in Pasadena.

UPDATE: According to the Columbus Dispatch's Ken Gordon (and Dispatch sources), joining Small not playing in Pasadena will be Rob Rose and backup former walk on running back Bo DeLande. Stay tuned.